Best Monitor for GeForce RTX 4090

For gamers, nothing beats having the best gaming monitor to pair with their gaming rig. Whether you’re a competitive gamer or just a casual enthusiast, having the right monitor can make all the difference in your gaming experience. If you’re looking for the best monitor for GeForce RTX 4090, you’re in the right place. The … Read more

10 Best PC Cases Under $150 In 2021

10 Best Pc Cases Under 0 In 2021

If you work on a regular basis and have to use the computer consistently, the PC case is a must-have. People who work from home in 2021 are extensively using computers. This necessitates the use of a suitable PC case to encase your computer for its protection. It all relies on your preferences and the … Read more

6 Best silent pc case in 2021

6 Best Silent Pc Case In 2021

The best silent pc case is the most demanding product because of its high silence feature. To build your PC, prefer to choose a silenced case for your PC. Best silent pc case has high demand because of ultimate silence features that seem perfect, especially for gaming computers or workstations; they need good cooling to function … Read more

Best CPU Cooler For i5-11600k

Best Cpu Cooler For I5 11600k

The Intel Core i5-11600K is one of Intel’s most solid desktop processors. It can handle most of the daily home and office computing tasks flawlessly. It also features a thermal design power of 125W. However, it does not have the required thermal solution, and the maximum allowed temperature is 212 degrees Fahrenheit. For a processor … Read more