10 Best PC cases under $100 in 2021

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10 Best PC cases under $100 in 2021

The role of the PC case is a major one if you are a regular user of a PC. Many people have a high use of PCs at their home or working place. This calls for a need for a good PC case that can encompass your PC and keep it safe from the external environment. It depends upon your choice and the money you are going to invest in the PC case.

10 Best PC cases under $100 in 2021

So are you looking for the best pc case under $100? There is no need to spend your time looking for a good pc case as we are here to solve your problem. Just decide what you are looking for. Be it the design, hardness, heat dissemination mechanism, and much more. Such factors derive the need for pc case and the reason to buy one of them.

We have researched some of the best PC cases that are available in the market and are under 100$. I guess, after reading this, you won’t feel the need to search for a new one as our list encompasses most of the good ones. So let’s have a look at the features of multiple PC cases.

1. Corsair ATX White Tempered Case

Fan Size120 mm
Dimensions17.83 x 9.06 x 18.35 inches
Internal Bays4
Cooling mechanismAir

Depending upon the requirement of your PC case, this one’s recommended for those who have high usage of PC. Many professionals recommend this PC casing as the 4000D has cable management, leading to a good airflow, making it suitable for a high-performance application.

Adding to the features of this casing, it has a designed distance of 25mm from the motherboard. The purpose of this distance is that the cables can be easily connected, and then those cables can be rounded up through the cable management system. This helps in the easy setup of the PC.

The spaciously designed interior of the casing accommodates a fan size of almost 120mm, which helps in maximum airflow. This feature helps to keep the PC easily cool down while working. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about connectivity as its front has a designed USB and type C ports space.


The requirement of a PC case cannot be ignored as if there is no PC case, then your RAM and motherboard are exposed to air and dusty particles. So, 4000D is an excellent spacious choice, and you can easily fit it in your high-performance PC.

Corsair ATX White Tempered Case
  • Combining innovative cable management, concentrated airflow, and proven CORSAIR build quality, the 4000D is a...
  • The CORSAIR RapidRoute cable management system makes it simple and fast to route your major cables through a...
  • Includes two CORSAIR 120mm AirGuide fans, utilizing anti-vortex vanes to concentrate airflow and enhance...
  • A spacious interior fits up to 6x 120mm or 4x 140mm cooling fans, along with multiple radiators including...
  • Spacious
  • Cost-effective
  • No space for multiple fans

2. NZXT Tempered Glass Compact Water Cooling H510

MaterialTempered Glass
Cooling mechanismWater and air
Weight281 ounces
USB ports1
MotherboardMini ITX

If you are looking for a stylish case for your PC, then this is the one you have been looking for. You ask why? The reason is that this PC casing by NZXT is white and has a highly smooth surface. It can be covered from all sides to ensure that there is no source of external dust inside the PC

This casing is made up of an innovative material called tempered glass. This makes its surface similar to glass but has resistance to brittleness. This makes the casing hard and shows resistance to a sudden shock. The single screw side installation makes it easy for you to open it and clean the inside of the casing.

More to its features is the novel cable management system. Remember that the cable management system matters the most as the entire cables need to remain intact and in the right position. The already installed channels make the easy flow of cables inside the casing. The streamline cooling helps in inside airflow, while you can also remove and add new filters after some time.


The multiple cooling systems of this casing keep the PC cool all the time. In addition, the radiators help in creating a water cooling loop, so if you have high usage of PC, I would recommend this casing for your PC.

NZXT Tempered Glass Compact Water Cooling H510
27,318 Reviews
NZXT Tempered Glass Compact Water Cooling H510
  • New features: Front I/O USB Type-C Port and Tempered glass side panel with single screw installation
  • Enhanced cable management: Our patented cable routing kit with pre-installed channels and straps makes wiring...
  • STREAMLINED COOLING: 2 Aer F120mm fans included for optimal internal airflow and the front panel and PSU...
  • Motherboard support: Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX
  • Multiple cooling methods
  • Easy cable management
  • Tempered glass is less shock-resistant

3. MUSETEX Gaming PC Micro ATX USB 3.0 Case

MaterialAlloy steel
Cooling methodWater, air
Fan size120 mm

Talk about gaming PCs, most of the users complain about the overheating of their system. Well, gamers, this one is particularly for you. You are probably going to love its features as this casing has pre-installed six fans. The front side has a metallic mesh which has 3 fans in front. Imagine the circulation of airflow that is going to take place.

The multiple fans of this casing keep the internal atmosphere cool and throw the warm air outside. Moreover, another feature is the connectivity which can be done via motherboard through a 3 PIN. Otherwise, you can also connect through the button system that includes the lightning mode depicting 19 different combinations of light.

It has a tempered door similar to a cupboard, and the magnetic suction helps in closing it. You can also easily install and remove items in the PC through the same door. There is also a wide area for the installation of storage devices. Normally, three x 2.5″ SSD;2 x 3.5″ HDD can be easily installed for the storage mechanism.

It has a dust protection mechanism that includes two filters and a PSU filter which can be removed for better cleaning. The LED button and USB ports are additional features of this casing.


To sum up, this PC casing is for those individuals who are involved in gaming or mining. The reason is that it has a powerful cooling system and excellent space for additional storage devices. In addition, it has a classy appearance, and the lightning mode makes it highly attractive for gamers.

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  • Easy dust removal
  • 6 fans
  • Increased heat dissipation
  • The metal casing has good heat conductance

4. Cooler Master Black Mid Tower N400

Cooling methodWater
Fan size120 mm
Weight12.4 pounds
Fan count3, 8

The main concern of a PC case is that it should have good airflow to maintain the inner temperature of the PC. This one has a small mesh-based front of the casing, making it easy for air balance and flow. Moreover, it has the capability of handling a 240mm cooling radiator for better heat dissipation.

It can be closed from one side through simple screws, and the inside of the case is highly spacious. So if you need to install extra storage, you can easily do that. There is a space of three SSD’s in this casing. One can be placed at the plane of HDD, while others can be the toolless cage.

There are series of control buttons attached at the front, which includes the two additional ports. Furthermore, it has the capability to support almost eight fans inside the casing. In contrast, for better cooling, two fans of 120mm XTrifle are attached to maintain the PC’s temperature.


Figuring out the best PC casing under 100$ is a difficult task. It depends on what is the application of your PC and what you expect from it. This PC has one in all features like it is spacious and has accommodation for multiple fans. Therefore, it is most suitable for gaming or high demanding applications.

Cooler Master Black Mid Tower N400
  • Fully meshed front panel for superior airflow
  • Supports a 240 mm water cooling radiator or two 120 mm fans on the right side or top of case
  • Supports up to three SSDs -two on the tool-less 2.5 Inch bracket and one at the bottom of the HDD cage
  • Supports a 120 mm water cooling radiator at the rear
  • Highly spacious
  • Fast cooling
  • The casing material heats up

5. Antec ARGB Fan LED Strip Tempered Gaming NX Case

Weight6.3 Kg
Cooling mechanismWater, air
MaterialTempered glass
Size of fan120 mm

One of the most classy and stylish designs of PC casing is this one. It has a featured color combination of casing that makes it highly attractive for gamers. Moreover, this PC has suitable space with one ARGB fan at the rear of the casing. This makes the flow of air highly easy as the heat has multiple dissipation mechanisms.

Another feature that I like about this casing is the tempered side panel. This side panel is transparent and is easy to open. You can easily replace and install new accessories on the PC with ease. The tempered glass provides easy heat dissipation and helps in maintaining the cool of the system.

It has the capability of a 360mm radiator, whereas the 240mm can be installed on the top and the remaining ones in the rear for maintaining a channel of heat flow. Thus, it has the space to maintain a high-performance PC.


Depending upon the requirement of your application, this PC casing has a cool design with tempered side glass. You can set up your system within this casing through the moveable tempered glass.

Antec ARGB Fan LED Strip Tempered Gaming NX Case
  • Motherboard Support: up to ATX
  • 1 x 120 mm ARGB fan in rear included
  • Ready for radiators up to 360 mm in front, 240 mm on top & 140 mm in rear
  • Supports up to 2. 5" X 4 & 3. 5"/2. 5" X 2/1
  • Radiators up to 340mm
  • Cost-effective
  • Fewer fans

6. Corsair 175R Mid Black Tempered Glass Case

MaterialTempered glass
Weight6.1 Kg
Fan count3, 6
USB ports2
Cooling mechanismAir

No matter what you desire from the casing of the PC, you cannot ignore the fact that the casing should be smooth and classy in design. Well, you have got one right here as it has a polished finishing with a tempered glass body. You can see all of the parts of your PC through the tempered glass, which acts as a window.

The excellent cable management mechanism helps you arrange all of your cables, and the PSU cover helps hide your cable to make the system appear classy. In addition, you don’t need to worry about the airflow as it is spacious enough for multiple fans to be accommodated. This makes the flow of air highly easy, leading to good heat dissipation.

You can also control the RGB fan directly to the motherboard for controlling the light of the RGB fans making it more appealing for gamers. Finally, you can add any USB through the two ports at the top of the casing.


This PC casing can accommodate numerous fans leading to cooling of the system that is the basic requirement of a PC casing. Moreover, the tempered glass allows you to install and remove accessories with ease.

Corsair 175R Mid Black Tempered Glass Case
  • Give your system a look that's both clean and classic with smooth curved edges, a polished finish, and a...
  • An edge-to-edge Tempered glass Side panel window shows off your PC's components.
  • A full-length PSU cover hides your PSU and cables out of sight, making immaculate builds easier to create than...
  • Fits up to 6x 120mm or 4x 140mm cooling fans for terrific airflow that keeps your PC cool, or multiple...
  • Tempered body
  • Classy finishing
  • Excessive weight

7. Thermaltake Versa Black Computer Case N24

Fan Size120mm
Dimensions23.6 x 23 x 12.3 inches
Cooling MechanismWater, Air

If you are looking for a classy computer case, you must consider this amazing Thermaltake Versa case. It comes with top-mounted ports for USB, Headphones, and mic front ports.

For most of you who are concerned about messy wires tangled in a corner. This case has a power supply cover. This cover hides the cable clutter and can be used to the supply cover to streamline your wire management.

This computer case solves your storage problem as it comes with two external drive bays, 2 internal drive bays, and remote drive access on the back panel. Computers heat up easily; for this purpose, the case has a radiator at the top front area and on the rear side of the case, which helps cool it down. The fans also help in the cooling process.


This PC casing has a good cooling system supported by fans and radiators. As it is the most important requirement when investing in a computer case. Therefore, this casing is recommended to you if you want to have a good working experience on your PC without any hindrance.

Thermaltake Versa Black Computer Case N24
  • Top Mount I/O Ports: 1x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, 1x Headphone, 1x Mic Front Ports
  • Power Supply Cover: Streamline your cable management with the included power supply cover to hide cable...
  • Storage Options: 2x External 5.25 inches Drive Bays, 2 x 2.5 inches / 3.5 inches Internal Drive Bays (with HDD...
  • Air/Liquid Cooling Configurations Options: 1 x 240 millimeter radiator(Top/Front). 1 x 120 millimeter radiator...
  • Spacious
  • Cost-effective
  • Extra Plastic

8. Phanteks Eclipse P360A Tempered Glass Case

MaterialTempered Glass
USB ports2  
Cooling MechanismAir  

This computer case is not only useful but also is attractive. It will enhance your workplace. The USB, Microphone, headphones, Power button all can be easily accessed on the front panel. The D-RGB Color and Mode buttons are also present on the front panel.

Due to its ultra-fine perforations of only 1mm, it performs great filtering of the dust accumulated. In addition, the full-metal front panel with ultra-fine performance meshwork is great in airflow performance.

It has D-RGB lighting that is easy to regulate and does not require any software. With compatibility for (E)-ATX motherboards, front and top radiators, full-length and vertical GPU ready with the optional Vertical GPU Bracket, this is ideal for high-end gaming systems.


This casing is suggested to you as one of the best PC casings under $100. it has a classy style with tempered glass finishing. Investing in this amazing product won’t let you regret it.

Phanteks Eclipse P360A Tempered Glass Case
  • Full-Metal Front Panel With Ultra-Fine Performance Mesh That Combines High Airflow Performance And Excellent...
  • Integrated D-Rgb Lighting That Is Easy To Control And Software-Free
  • Perfect Chassis Size For High-End Gaming Systems With Support For (E)-Atx (Up To 280Mm) Motherboards, Front...
  • Expand And Synchronize The D-Rgb Lighting Compatible Motherboards And D-Rgb Products
  • Multiple cooling methods
  • Easy cable management
  • Tempered glass is less shock-resistant

9. AeroCool Cylon Acrylic Window Computer Casing

MaterialAlloy Steel, Acrylic
Cooling mechanismWater, Air
Weight4.5 kg
Dimensions20 x 18.5 x 9.5 inches

This amazingly stylish casing comes with a mid-tower case with full acrylic side windows and RGB ready. The acrylic windows make it see-through, giving it a classy touch.

On the front panel, there are 13 illumination options for an elegant backslash LED. There are six different RGB flow lighting modes to choose from. In addition, there are seven solid color modes available.

A 240mm radiator supports liquid cooling in the front panel, which helps in the cooling process. In addition, air cooling is also supported by a 120mm fan on top, which further improves cooling performance.

This casing also supports the VGA fan bracket design, including two 120mm fans for better VGA cooling. It also supports SD or micro SD memory and comprises two chambers for better ventilation. So now, your computer will not heat up quickly and will let you work for long.


This casing is suggested to you for a long working experience. You can now sit back and work for a long without being concerned about your PC getting warmed up.

AeroCool Cylon Acrylic Window Computer Casing
  • Full Acrylic Side Window RGB ready Mid Tower case. Elegant backslash LED with 13 lighting modes on front...
  • Supports liquid cooling: 240mm radiator in the front panel. Supports air cooling: 120mm fan on top to enhance...
  • Supports VGA fan bracket design: two 120mm fans for superior cooling performance of VGA. Supports SD or...
  • Removable PSU dust filter for easy cleaning. Steel Thickness: 0.5mm. Motherboards: ATX/micro ATX/mini-ITX....
  • Easy dust removal
  • Multiple cooling systems
  • Poor quality of material used

10. Thermaltake V250 Mid-Tower Chassis Casing

Cooling methodAir
Weight3.3 pounds
Fan count3

This is one of the best casing options for you under $100. It comes with 3 5V Motherboard Sync ARGB fans. You can easily control the light via the I/O port button and take advantage of 27 LED modes.

It has multiple modes that include wave mode, flow mode, RGB lighting, radar mode, and breath mode. Full Lighted mode, single Color mode, or Light Off are also among other modes. So choose according to your mood, and brighten it up if you are down by switching on the lights.

You can enjoy a completely clear view of the computer due to the tempered glass side panel. In addition, the full-length PSU cover ensures that you have plenty of room to tuck wires away while keeping airflow open for your hard drives and power supply.


Invest in this amazing product without giving it a second thought and enlighten your mood with its 27 LED modes. A good airflow system will also ensure that your computer remains in good condition even if it is being used the entire day.

Thermaltake V250 Mid-Tower Chassis Casing
  • [LIGHT UP THE SYSTEM] - 3 Pre-installed 120 millimeter 5V Motherboard Sync ARGB fans (Sync with ASUS,...
  • [BUILT-IN DUAL MODE 5V ARGB SWITCH BOARD] - Control light via the I/O port button (27 LED modes/7 Colors) or...
  • [27 LED MODES via I/O PORT] - Wave mode/ Flow mode/ RGB lighting (single color) / Radar mode (Red, yellow...
  • [CLEAR VIEW OF PC GAMING] - 4 millimeter thick Tempered Glass Side panel with standard mounting
  • 27 LED modes
  • Cables can be hidden properly
  • Not enough airflow

10 Best PC cases under $100 in 2021

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