Best Budget 5 GHz WiFi Routers In 2021

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Best Budget 5 GHz WiFi Routers In 2021


Wi-Fi routers hold prime importance when you need to perform advanced applications like browsing faster and gaming online. Using a good router would solve most of your concerns, and it would surely provide you with better results in the future. We mainly focus on buying a good laptop or another device, but an additional and the best budget 5 GHz WiFi router would make your life easier.

Best Budget 5 GHz WiFi Routers In 2021

Let’s accept that no task can be done without good internet like playing online games or handling your business. For that, a good wireless router is a must condition. You might not feel the need now, but you cannot get over it once you get it. So we have researched some of the best budget 5gh Wi-Fi routers that you can buy.

1. TP-Link Dual-Band 5GHz Internet Long Coverage

Tp Link Dual Band 5ghz Internet Long Coverage
ConnectivityWi-Fi and Ethernet
Frequency bandDual-band
Controlling mechanism App
Total ports5
Controller typeIOS and android
Data transfer rate1200 Mbps

Are you still thinking about getting a good router by TP-link? You have got one right here. It is one of the cheapest 5GHz Wi-Fi routers that you can get. Once you get it, you are not going to need to upgrade your internet speed. Just turn it on once and keep on streaming as much as you like.

Similarly, it has a 4-gigabit LAN port that can help you connect your devices directly. So use some devices wirelessly and some through direct cable connection. This would provide you with greater efficiency. Most people are concerned that the router might not be efficient for multiple devices, but its MU-MIMO 5GHz band helps to connect multiple devices.

This dual-band 5GHz Wi-Fi router can be controlled via an app. You can change settings and shift modes through the app remotely. It is an ideal router for a family, and 4K streaming would never be difficult again. It consists of an extremely secure server so that no hacker tends to mess up with your device or use your internet.


You are probably looking for a router that can solve all of your problems. This 5GHz router consists of a series of features like controlling it through the app. It has easy connectivity with android and IOS devices, making it one of the best ones in the market. You can easily manage the device while sitting with this one-of-a-kind and cheapest 5GHz WiFi router.

TP-Link Dual-Band 5GHz Internet Long Coverage
19,937 Reviews
TP-Link Dual-Band 5GHz Internet Long Coverage
  • Dual band router upgrades to 1200 Mbps high speed internet (300mbps for 2.4GHz ; 900Mbps for 5GHz), reducing...
  • Gigabit Router with 4 Gigabit LAN ports, ideal for any internet plan and allow you to directly connect your...
  • MU-MIMO technology (5GHz band) allows high speeds for multiple devices simultaneously
  • AP mode, can be switched to access point mode to share your internet wirelessly
  • Managed through app
  • High coverage area
  • Multiple LAN ports
  • Limited radio frequency

2. WAVLINK AC 1200 4 Antennas High-Performance Router

Wavlink Ac 1200 4 Antennas High Performance Router
Frequency classDual-band
Communication standard5 and 2.4 GHz
Data transfer rate 1200 Mbps
Security protocolWPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK

WAVLINK is continuously flooding the market with its best models. Its devices have proved to be highly efficient and can support multiple devices at a time. This device has a 1200 Mbps data transfer rate making it one of the best cheap 5GHz devices.

Moreover, a routing device cannot be good if it has a security protocol. It has a WPA/WPA2 PSK security mechanism that cannot be hacked easily. It requires a series of encryption to get into this device, which is impossible for a common person. Therefore, your surfing is completely safe and secure.

For better coverage and higher efficiency, these four antennas are installed to ensure no lag in your work. It has four LAN ports for cable-based connections and higher working a 1-gigabit port as well.

You can feel completely relaxed as the brand provides a warranty of 1 year in which you can check the device completely. The design and the quality of this router are excellent. You can also see through its reviews for satisfaction.


This advanced router technology offers a series of features to the users. This includes the enhanced security of the user along with the high-speed internet that it can support. The LAN ports allow you to connect the device through Ethernet, which increases your working efficiency. There is no limit to the number of devices that can be connected.

WAVLINK AC 1200 4 Antennas High-Performance Router
1,081 Reviews
WAVLINK AC 1200 4 Antennas High-Performance Router
  • 【High-Speed WiFi Router】1200Mbps Wi-Fi speeds to support more connected Wi-Fi devices to your high speed...
  • 【Safe and Stable Router】Enjoy safe and secure internet connections for you and your family, with WPA/WPA2...
  • 【Advanced Wifi Router Technology】1Gigabit WAN ports and 4 100Mbps LAN ports offer fast and secure wired...
  • 【Widely Compatible Router】WAVLINK WIFI ROUTER compatible with a/b/g/n devices,support Dual-band 5GHz...
  • Highly compatible
  • Supports multiple dual-band frequencies
  • Secure router
  • Fewer ports

3. WAVLINK 5GHz 4 Antennas High Power Router

Wavlink 5ghz 4 Antennas High Power Router
Operating systemAndroid
Controlling mechanismApp
Security protocolWPS
Data transfer rate support1200 Mbps
ConnectivityWi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet

A device is never complete unless it has multiple connection methodologies. In the case of this device, it can be connected wirelessly, USB, and through Ethernet as well. It has an android system, which makes it easy to set up and control.

Furthermore, 4 antennas provide relatively higher performance without any wired connection. Therefore, you can say that any task you wish to perform, you can do it efficiently through this device. The Touch Link technology allows you to connect within 2 minutes without the need for any password.

The feature that I like about this device is the number of ports that it has. It has 4 Gigabits ports along with the Gigabit Ethernet ports that lead to higher working efficiency. The Ethernet ports allow you to connect more devices than usual.

Similarly, this device has a USB port that allows ease of transmission in the case of storage devices. It is compatible with 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies, making it highly suitable. The 24/7 customer care can help you with any issue you have regarding the device.


This fast router is classy in appearance as well as in its features. You can connect multiple devices through wireless methods or Ethernet ports. It transmits excellent internet speed and covers a wide area of the region it is place. I prefer this device as it has excellent support for data transfer rate making it ideal for home or office.

WAVLINK 5GHz 4 Antennas High Power Router
2,840 Reviews
WAVLINK 5GHz 4 Antennas High Power Router
  • 【Minimize Latency & Ultra-Speed】 Dual-band AC1200 WiFi router upgraded to 1200Mbps high-speed network...
  • 【Wired 4 Ethernet Ports】 Plug in computers, game consoles, streaming media players, repeaters and other...
  • 【Unique Touchlink Technology】 - Get lightning quick connection by simply touching the top. Guests can...
  • 【3 Operating Modes】 WAVLINK wireless router supports Router, Access Point and Repeater modes. Router mode...
  • The high number of ports
  • Easy connecting technology
  • Multiple LAN ports
  • Less secure

4. IOGIANT 802.11ax Dual Band Parental Control Device

Iogiant 802.11ax Dual Band Parental Control Device
ConnectivityWireless, Ethernet
Total ports4
LAN Bandwidth1000Mbps
Transfer of data1800 Mbps
Frequency bandDual Band
Security ProtocolWPA3, WPA2, WPA

You cannot ignore this super device when you are talking about getting the best budget 5 GHz WiFi router. It is a next-generation router with 802.11ax speed leading to completely lag-free gaming and fast browsing.

The OFDMA technology allows you to connect 4x devices with high-speed performance. The Wi-Fi 6 helps in achieving a long coverage area with the 4 high-performance antennas that can solve your long-lasting coverage problem for good.

Another feature that I like about this router is its data transfer rate of 1800 Mbps. Moreover, with quality assurance, we can say that there would rarely be any router to support up to this much bandwidth, even in our list. All ports are capable of supporting fast internet with ease.

This dual-band router can be set up or manage via the app. Every LAN port can support almost 1000MBps. You can say that if other router devices are pro ones, then this one is their boss. You can plug-in games, consoles, and much more for better internet connectivity. The beam foaming technology strengthens the signals that the device transmits to you.


For managing your Wi-Fi network, this device can play a vital role. It has excellent data handling capability with multiple ports that can support higher Mbps leading to better gaming and streaming than ever. It has next-generation equipped technology, and its appearance is classy. Just turn it on once, and you would never know the term lag again.

IOGIANT 802.11ax Dual Band Parental Control Device
332 Reviews
IOGIANT 802.11ax Dual Band Parental Control Device
  • Supreme WiFi Experience: AX1800 WiFi router brings 1.5x speed, 1.5x range and 4x capacity for home network....
  • 1800Mbps WiFi 6 Router: Dual band Wi-Fi (1201Mbps on 5GHz and 574Mbps on 2.4GHz) boosted by Broadcom quad-core...
  • Cover Whole Home WiFi: 4 high-gain antennas and 2 power amplifiers deliver stronger WiFi signal everywhere in...
  • More Devices Less Congestions: With OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology, the routers for wireless Internet let you...
  • Handles high data transfer rate
  • Efficient in working
  • Easy to setup
  • Expensive

5. Tenda IPV6 Gigabit Wi-Fi Smart Router

Tenda Ipv6 Gigabit Wi Fi Smart Router
Control methodApp
Voltage240 V
Data transfer rate867 Mbps
Frequency classDual-band

It is one of the smart routers on our list. This device can handle multiple devices at a time while its efficiency remains constant. It supports WPS, AP modes, and parental control. The app helps in easy managing of the device remotely. So need to stay close to the device for setting it up.

Most of the issues related to wifi routers are; if they could cover a long-range area, the internet connection is not stable. However, these 4x 6dbi antennas can provide stable internet in every corner of your house.

The MIMO device can link almost 24 wireless devices, which are rare even to find. This number of devices is enough for your home use, and you can even run a small office.  The beam foaming technology makes the transmission of data fast and reliable. Therefore, you can get full coverage wirelessly and with ease.

No need to worry about the area of the space where you are going to set up this device. It can cover a wide area while the signals in every corner remain strong to make your streaming easy and stress-free.


This smart router has multiple high-power antennas that can transmit signals in its surroundings. The MIMO technology keeps the signals fast and strong even if the incoming flux of signals becomes weak. This device is best for supporting your house as it can cover an area of 1200 sq. ft.

Tenda IPV6 Gigabit Wi-Fi Smart Router
344 Reviews
Tenda IPV6 Gigabit Wi-Fi Smart Router
  • LONG RANGE WIFI: 4x 6dBi external high-gain antennas achieve this 802.11 ac router a far-reaching but stable...
  • 2X2 MU-MIMO & Beamforming Technology: allow this AC1200 wifi router link up to 35 wireless devices...
  • Smart Router: Support WPS, Guest WiFi, Parental Control, Client Filter, WiFi Schedule, Secure IPv6, AP Mode,...
  • IPv6 More Secure: Unlike IPv4, the IP address of IPv6 is randomly assigned by the operator, greatly lessen the...
  • Smart design
  • Light in weight
  • Covers reasonable area
  • Low data transfer rate

6. NETGEAR AC2400 Dual Core 5GHz Router

Netgear Ac2400 Dual Core 5ghz Router
Total number of ports6
Antenna typesRetractable
Frequency classDual-band
Wireless communication802.11 ac
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB

You might be thinking that most of the routers are capable of handling 1200Mbps at most. If you are concerned about your 2400Mbps speed, then this device is made for you. It is the cheapest 5GHZ Wi-Fi router device that makes 4K HD streaming easier than ever.

It has a dual-core processor making its work highly efficient and has 4gigabit LAN ports to connect t with wire. Ethernet helps to make the task go uninterrupted. The USB 3.0 helps to work faster and in a better way.

The antennas are retractable for gaining higher signals, while they are also detachable in case of moving the device around. The USB 3.0 and 2.0 make the transmission of stored data to maximum speed. For the ease of 4K steaming and making your experience, better the dual-core processor keeps things efficient.


This device encompasses a series of features. The USB ports allow transferring data faster, while the LAN ports make the transmission reliable and fast. The security protocol makes your connection highly secure, and the antennas are detachable as well. So what more can you expect. I would recommend you to try this router for your work.

NETGEAR AC2400 Dual Core 5GHz Router
2,097 Reviews
NETGEAR AC2400 Dual Core 5GHz Router
  • Key Features Extreme WiFi speed for gaming—Up to 2400Mbps MU-MIMO—Simultaneous streaming of data for...
  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports—Connect more wired devices for faster file transfer and uninterrupted...
  • Technical Specifications R7350 (600Mbps 2.4GHz + 1733Mbps 5GHz) Simultaneous dual band WiFi --Tx/Rx 3x3...
  • Standards One (1) USB 3.0 port IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz + 256-QAM support IEEE 802.11 a/n/ac 5GHz Five (5)...
  • Moveable antennas
  • Smart design
  • Ethernet LAN ports
  • Less secure

7. GL.iNet AC1300 Pocket Size Micro USD Slot Router

Gl.inet Ac1300 Pocket Size Micro Usd Slot Router
ConnectivityEthernet, USB, Wi-Fi
Frequency bandDual-band
Data transfer rate1300 Mbps

There is a high probability that you might be looking for a smart device in design so that it doesn’t cover excessive area. Well, in this regard, this router has a smart size which makes it quite adjustable. It can handle 5 GHz + 2.4 GHz WiFi speeds with ease. You are going to love this pocket-sized router that can compete with most of the advanced routers.

It has large storage as the micro SD slot can store almost 512GB. The 3 Gigabit Ethernet makes connectivity and functions faster, reliable, and easier than ever. What more can you expect from a pocket-size router?

In addition to these features of this router, it has open-source, which makes it easy to program. So the people thinking of doing DIY projects, this router can be your partner. Even if it is small, it still has 3 LAN gigabits ports to ensure there is no lag in any of your work.

As far as the number of devices goes, this pocket-size router can accommodate 40 devices. To be honest, very few routers can perform with efficiency even after accommodating this many devices.


The size of a router is quite important when considering buying the best 5GHz router device, but you also need other features. This device has multiple LAN ports with an excessive range that it can cover in the premises it is placed.

GL.iNet AC1300 Pocket Size Micro USD Slot Router
1,717 Reviews
GL.iNet AC1300 Pocket Size Micro USD Slot Router
  • 【DUAL-BAND WIRELESS ROUTER】Up to 867Mbps (5GHz) + 400Mbps (2.4GHz) impressive dual-band WiFi speeds....
  • 【KEEP YOUR INTERNET SAFE】 IPv6 supported. OpenVPN & WireGuard pre-installed, compatible with 30+ VPN...
  • 【OPEN SOURCE & PROGRAMMABLE】 Pre-installed the latest stable OpenWrt (19.07.4), backed by software...
  • 【LARGER STORAGE & EXTENSIBILITY】 DDR3L 256MB, FLASH 32MB. Up to 512GB MicroSD slot (TF card is not...
  • Smart size
  • Supports higher Mbps
  • Easy connectivity
  • fewer antennas

8. TAMIFLY 5GHZ Home Office Router

Tamifly 5ghz Home Office Router
Wireless type2.4 GHz

This dual-band device has an easy setup mechanism and excellent compatibility with all kinds of devices, whether an android or Mac or a multimedia player. It has safe and stronger signals that are provided throughout your home. You can just turn it on, and you would never even get to see a lag in your streaming.

Moreover, it has an easy setup system, which allows users even more convenience. The hardware and software of the device are updated for improved network management, which leads to better efficiency of working.

Another classy feature of this device is its excellent compatibility with other devices. Therefore, it does not matter if you have a PC, Mac, or android device; all can be connected via this router. The encryption of this device leads to a secure and stable internet, so no need to worry about your family using the connection.

Overall, the brand has an excellent 24/7 service which ensures that the client remains satisfied. It covers a wide area of 2200 sq. ft., making it easy for you to get strong signals all over the area.


This device has a setup mechanism that makes it easy to the management of your network. The secure network makes you feel free from all kinds of stress. Moreover, the demand for wide signals coverage fulfills as well.

No products found.

  • Covers excessive area
  • Safe and stable
  • Limited to the android controller

9. Bosi Smart AC1200 40 Plus Device Router

Bosi Smart Ac1200 40 Plus Device Router
Control methodVoice
Data transfer rate1200 Mbps

These multiple port-based routers can connect 4 LAN devices and multiple devices wirelessly. It is compatible with devices of 5 and 2.4GHz. There is an additional 1 SD card slot for better storage capability of the user. You’re gaming and coverage are going to be super-fast. 

Hence, this widely compatible device makes it suitable for 5 and 2.4 GHz frequencies. You can get fast connections using this router, so you need to move to different places to connect to the signals.


This device provides a suitable secure connection to the users. It has excellent compatibility with other devices and has series of Ethernet ports for improved efficiency.

No products found.

  • Fast connectivity
  • Less costly
  • Less number of ports

10. Speedy AC1200 Antennas Smart Easy setup Router

Speedy Ac1200 Antennas Smart Easy Setup Router
Controlling methodApp
Data transfer rate 2100Mbps
Operating systemIOS and Android

The requirement of a router varies from person to person. It depends upon what you require from the device. The best specialty of this device is the excessive antennas it has. These antennas help in the easy and strong transmission of signals all around.

Moreover, its superior performance makes it easy for users to stream online without facing any kind of lag. The advanced compatibility features ensure easy setup with other devices.


Every router has a unique specialty, and the best feature of this device is the strong signals through 6 antennas. Moreover, you would love the easy setup of the device and the secure connection.

Speedy AC1200 Antennas Smart Easy setup Router
981 Reviews
Speedy AC1200 Antennas Smart Easy setup Router
  • 【Superior Speed and Performance】 Speedefy K7W WiFi router with dual-core CPU and 4*4 MU-MIMO technology,...
  • 【Stronger & Stable Signal】 7*6dBi antennas and beamforming technology to optimize WiFi coverage, providing...
  • 【Easy to Setup】 With Speedefy App or webpage, Get your new home network ready in 5 minutes. Manage your...
  • 【Network Security】 With WPA/WPA2 mixed security level password encryption, efficiently keep data and WiFi...
  • The high number of antennas
  • Secure connection
  • Large size

Final Verdict

There are a series of best budget 5GHzWi-Fi routers in the market. We have outlined some as per our research. I hope this guide will have helped you reach the best cheapest 5GHzWi-Fi router.

Best Budget 5 GHz WiFi Routers In 2021

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