How To Disable Second Monitor When Gaming

If you’re a gamer, you know the importance of a good setup, and dual monitors are a popular choice for immersive gameplay. “How To Disable Second Monitor When Gaming” is a common query for those looking to enhance their gaming experience. Sometimes, you might want to turn off the second monitor to focus on the game or if the game doesn’t support multiple displays. This guide will show you how to do that.

Gamers often use two monitors for a wider field of view, but there are situations where turning off the second monitor is beneficial, like focusing on a specific game aspect. Most modern graphics cards, including ATI cards with Catalyst Control Center, allow you to easily turn off additional monitors. You can also use hotkeys to adjust settings for gaming and other purposes.

How Can I Turn Off My Second Monitor?

To turn off a second monitor, go to the settings and click on the display. Under “Select and rearrange displays,” choose the monitor you wish to disconnect and select “Disconnect this display” under “Multiple displays.”

Before sleeping, ensure the second display is working. Common issues include a lack of content or a black screen. Check for pixelation, warping, or discoloration. Often, a faulty cable causes display artifacts or no image. Ensure the cable matches the display standard version, with HDMI cables ranging from 1.0 to 2.1. Remember, Thunderbolt and USB-C cables are physically similar but not interchangeable.

Avoid using outdated cables unless necessary. If your monitor has multiple input interfaces, ensure each is set correctly in the monitor’s menu. If the monitor doesn’t power on, try different power outlets or connectors, or consider replacing it.

Ensure the monitor correctly displays content. If problems persist, the monitor might need replacement. Adjust settings if both monitors show the same content. Sometimes, connecting the monitor (or your computer) to a different port with a different cable is necessary. Access these settings from the Display menu in Settings Screen.

Tips For Getting The Best Gaming Experience On A Laptop With Two Displays

Be aware that turning off one of the monitors might have a considerable influence on performance, which can make gaming less fun. You can guarantee that your game experience is unaffected by taking these easy measures. You can access the necessary power settings and launch the Control Panel by choosing “Power Options.”

When will the display stop? should be selected after “Turn off the display.”

You can turn off “Switch off display” and “Turn computer into sleep mode” by setting “Plugged In” to Never.

During A Game, How Can I Lock My Second Monitor?

The method to lock a second monitor during gaming varies based on individual games and setups. Some gamers use third-party programs to lock their second monitor, while others simply turn it off. Each player must decide the best approach for their needs.

Knowing how to lock your mouse to one screen is crucial when gaming on dual monitors to prevent game crashes. Third-party apps like Dual Monitor Tools help ensure proper cursor functionality. After downloading such software, you can set it up to lock the cursor to the main screen, usually unlockable with a hotkey. DisplayFusion is another option, offering a default hotkey of Ctrl Alt F12 to lock the mouse to a single screen.

Does Turning Off The Second Monitor Affect How Well It Works?

Gaming Simplified’s investigation reveals that using a single monitor significantly enhances computer performance compared to using two. Opening an article on a second monitor while gaming on the first can improve performance.

To optimize a computer or laptop for gaming, consider the impact of a second screen. Using it for simple tasks like reading an article might not affect performance, but streaming on Twitch or watching videos can reduce FPS by 10%. For NVIDIA graphics card users, updating drivers from the GeForce website is recommended.

Improving game performance can also involve lowering game resolution, which increases FPS and GPU efficiency, leading to faster and smoother gameplay. Additionally, Microsoft’s Game Mode in Windows 10 minimizes background program interference, enhancing gaming performance.

Benefits Of How To Disable The Second Monitor When Gaming

1. Increased Performance: 

Disabling a second monitor can free up resources that can be used to boost the performance of your gaming system. This can be especially helpful if you are using an older GPU or CPU, as it can help reduce the load on these parts.

2. Fewer Distractions: 

When playing games, it’s important to keep your mind on the game and stay away from other things. Having an additional monitor enabled can be a distraction and can make it hard to remain focused on the game. Disabling the second monitor could indeed help reduce interruptions and keep you focused on the task at hand.

3. Lower Power Consumption: 

Uninstalling a third screen can also lead to lower power consumption. This can be incredibly useful if you are running a laptop, as it can help extend the battery capacity of the laptop.

4. Improved Heat Dissipation: 

Disabling this same 2nd monitor can also help improve the heat dispersion of your system. This can be especially helpful if you’re using a system with a more powerful GPU, because turning off the second monitor can reduce the extra heat it makes.

Does Using Two Monitors Charge Off?

Even though the second monitor isn’t on, the GPU is still used to show the game on the main screen. Photos and videos can also be shown on a secondary monitor while streaming media or a documents are shown on the main monitor. It is not uncommon for the GPU to be used more than usual in the following two scenarios. If your computer is new or if your graphics card isn’t very good, you may notice some slowdowns.

How To Play Games On A Second Monitor

Assuming you want advice on using a second monitor for gaming:

Utilizing a second monitor when gaming can give you a huge advantage over your opponents. Here are some pointers for using a second monitor for gaming:

1. Monitor your competitors on the second monitor.

2. Watch your own character on the second monitor.

3. Monitor crucial game information, such as the map, on the second monitor.

4. Use the second monitor to chat with your team members.

5. Stream your gameplay on the second monitor.

Using a secondary display while multitasking while playing on a primary monitor will help you maintain your focus on the game. A GPU that supports two monitors can show two images at once. This additional display will be helpful when you wish to play or check your emails. You use more electricity when you have a second display. 

The frame rates of a TV show will noticeably rise when you view it on the second screen. If you only require two screens, you don’t need two GPUs on the same machine. You should check your video card to determine whether it supports two monitors if it permits the connection.

When Gaming, A Second Monitor Turns Off.

To test your ports, connect a second monitor and disconnect the primary one. If the second screen works, your secondary port might have issues. Update your dedicated display drivers for a dual-monitor gaming setup.

A second monitor going dark during gaming could be due to an incorrect power setup. Try connecting a different screen to identify the issue. For gaming, a defective cable in your secondary monitor could be the problem. Increasing screen resolution might lead to a blank screen.

Ensure your monitor’s input source is correctly configured, as most displays can detect improper settings. If your computer has a dedicated graphics card, connect the display to it instead of the motherboard. Using a second monitor may affect gaming performance, depending on resolution and graphics card. Fixing issues is easier when both monitors run at 60 Hz. Using a Dual-Link DVI cable for the second monitor and an HDMI cable for the first can cause input lag.

Steps To Disable A Second Monitor When Gaming

1. To access the settings menu, right-click the Start button and select the option titled “Settings.”

2. Select the “System” option from the Settings window.

3. Select the “Exhibit” tab from the left pane.

4. Choose the “Multiple Displays” fall and choose “Disconnect This Display” from the alternatives.

5. Click the “Apply” button and confirm the changes.

6. Exit the Settings window as well as open the game you wish to play.

7. Locate the game’s display and ensure that only the primary monitor is enabled.

8. Save the game’s settings and begin playing.

How To Turn Off The Second Screen When Gaming: Troubleshooting

1. Right-click on the desktop and choose “Screen Resolution” or “Display Settings” from the drop-down menu.

2. Select “Disabled” from the drop-down menu next to the monitor you want to turn off.

3. Click “OK” to make sure the changes are made.

4. If you have two monitors, you may need to do the same thing for the second monitor.

5. Open the game you want to play and press the Alt and Enter keys to go into fullscreen mode. This will turn off the second monitor so you can play games on the main one.

Why You Should Turn Off The Second Monitor When Playing Games

It’s important to make sure that your hardware is set up for the best gaming experience when you’re playing games. By turning off the second monitor while gaming, you can make sure that your computer uses its resources more efficiently and can focus on running the game without having to split its resources.

Having two monitors running at the same time can put a strain on your computer’s resources, making it harder for the game to run. This could slow down the computer overall, which is especially noticeable when playing games that need a lot of processing power. By turning off the second monitor, you can make sure that your computer’s resources can be used to run the game instead of the second monitor.

Disabling the second monitor is another way to cut down on the number of things that distract you while gaming. When you have two monitors going at once, it can be hard to keep your mind on the game. By turning off the second monitor, you can reduce the number of distractions and pay more attention to the game, making it more fun to play.

Last but not least, turning off the second monitor can also help your computer use less power. Since your computer won’t have to power two monitors, it will use less power and help you save money on your electricity bill.


It is possible that switching off your second monitor will help boost your gaming performance in a significant way. You’ll be able to eliminate some potential distractions and focus more intently on the game if you turn off the second display. Also, it can lessen eye strain and help you stay focused when gaming. You may improve the quality of your gaming by turning off your second monitor. This is an excellent choice when you’re searching for ways to boost your gaming experience.

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