How To Pick A Cpu Cooler: Best Coolers And Buying Guide

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How To Pick A Cpu Cooler: Best Coolers And Buying Guide

We cannot underestimate the importance of proper processor cooling, altering the computer’s performance and stability. It also impacts the amount of PC usage and the possibility of overclocking the processor.

The CPU is highly vulnerable to high temperatures, especially if exposed to them for an extended period. Therefore, throttling or simply lowering CPU power is this component’s first line of protection. 

Other implications include unreliable system performance, automatic restarts, and, finally, permanent processor damage. As a result, we have to dissipate the created heat somehow, using the CPU coolers.

How To Pick A Cpu Cooler: First and foremost, you must determine the CPU socket on your motherboard. For attaching the CPU cooler, different sockets have different holes. Most coolers, on the whole, feature universal, adjustable systems that allow them to the mounting holes. It is, nonetheless, worth examining for certainty and security.

What else is there to say? First, of course, there’s the scale. You may find the dimensions of each air cooling in the product specification. 

It’s worth comparing this to the housing dimensions and the maximum height of the cooler that can fit inside such a box. The fact that some memory chips may not fit under the heat sink is also a prevalent issue.

What Is The Function Of A Cpu Cooler?

The air conditioning system’s functioning is reasonably straightforward. First, the processor’s heated core radiates heat to the IHS (so-called caps). The heat sink base catches it, which spreads them across its whole surface. Finally, they aided the heat pipes, which, when filled with a particular liquid or gas, use the convection phenomenon to convey waste heat (matter movement).

The procedure may come to an end here, depending on whether we have passive or active cooling. First, the air circulation cools the heat sink in the housing in passive coolers. Then, in current ones, the use of those fans compelling this movement. Next, even more.

How To Pick A Cpu Cooler: What Should You Look For In A Cooling Fan?

The fan is the most significant aspect of the design, irrespective of whether we select air (active) and water cooling. It is the fan that facilitates heat transfer from the radiator and cooler. So which CPU fan is the most suitable? It’s essential to pay attention to a few variables here.

Rotational Size & Speed

First and foremost, the size or speed of rotation – the greater the total flow or, the better the fan efficiency, the greater they are. However, it’s important to note that higher speeds commonly result in a more significant level of created noise. Therefore, it includes a fan with LED illumination in the CPU cooler for gamers.

Design Of The Bearing

The bearing utilized has a significant impact on the noise produced and the structure’s durability. In addition, we should consider the fan’s connection – newer models use a 4-pin plug that allows you to manage the rotation speed, for example, from the motherboard.

Is It Better To Use Aluminum Or Copper As A Heat Sink?

We may locate a heat sink for the processor in two variants: aluminum or copper, in both air coolers and water coolers. The first is significantly more common, especially in lower-cost structures. On the other hand, copper heat sinks are not widely used, and they were paired with aluminum heat sinks due to their physical qualities, yet they provide higher performance. However, they are, unfortunately, more expensive than the conventional ones.

The thermal paste is also a significant component of cooling. Therefore, we can employ both types of heat sinks with the most popular mixes.

CPU Cooling: Active Or Passive?

When should active cooling be used, more excellent, and when should passive cooling be used? How To Pick A Cpu Cooler: It all depends on our personal choices for computer work culture:

Using a fan in active coolers, which improves heat dissipation efficiency but also generates noise.

Because passive designs are fanless, they operate in perfect silence. Thus they’re worth noting if you’re looking for quiet CPU cooling.

It’s worth noting, though, that passive CPU cooling has restricted performance, so they’ll only function with low-performance standard processors.

What CPU Is Cooler Simple To Set Up?

Finally, there’s the matter of assembling; the rule of thumb here is that the smaller the item, the easier it is to install.

Because a good CPU cooler is more sophisticated, installation can be more difficult. Installing new cooling can often need removing the entire motherboard from the casing (must screw the CPU cooler mounting brackets from the bottom of the board). If we do not want or cannot disassemble the entire computer, it is worthwhile to pay attention to such criteria. However, this is not a rule because, in most circumstances, you may easily install a home processor cooling system.

Let us discuss in detail the few best CPU coolers available on the market.

1. NZXT Kraken Liquid Cpu Cooler

Nzxt Kraken Liquid Cpu Cooler
Item model number‎RL-KRX53-R1
Item Weight‎3.96 pounds
Product Dimensions‎12.09 x 8.35 x 5.39 inches


  • Style- RGB X53 240mm
  • Brand- NZXT
  • Cooling Method- Fan
  • Noise Level- 33db
  • Weight- 3.96 pounds

The X-3 Kraken RGB seems to be a gorgeous should-have for every build, thanks to the introduction of RGB NZXT fans. This Kraken X offers an incredible brilliant liquid chilling experience thanks to its redesigned lid & wider infinity mirrored circle LED.

A 10% larger LED ring enables some more vibrant RGB. A rotating top allows the logos to be re-oriented in keeping whichever position the cooler.

With a straightforward, user-friendly design, CAM delivers comprehensive capabilities. Full CAM connectivity helps manage your Kraken’s efficiency accuracy, making modifications with the press of an essential thanks to improved lighting synchronization throughout all RGB NZXT components.

With the bundled RGB 2 Aer fans, you can add stunning ambient lighting to your computer. The fans have winglet-tip control surfaces that provide excellent airflow by being as silent as conceivable. In addition, every fan features fluid dynamic hinges for near-silent long-lasting performance.

Outstanding Effectiveness: The RGB V2 Aer radiator fans include a chamfered inlet or a liquid dynamic gear that ensures quiet, long-lasting, & powerful chilling.

The newest Kraken X features a revised cap, as well as a more comprehensive infinity mirrored circle LED, allowing you to modify the position of the pumping head to suit without altering the logo’s position.

Bigger & Brighter: The 10 percent larger infinity mirrored cap enables for more vibrant RGB, as well as a rotating top, allowing for logo re-orientation regardless of the cooler’s orientation.

Higher Control Featuring full CAM connectivity, you can fine-tune your Kraken’s efficiency.


Installation Is Easy: Fine nylon mesh sleeves reinforce rubber piping giving longevity & protection from mishandling.

NZXT Kraken Liquid Cpu Cooler
14,832 Reviews
NZXT Kraken Liquid Cpu Cooler
  • INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE: The Aer RGB V2 radiator fans feature a chamfered intake and fluid dynamic bearing that...
  • DESIGN: With a re-designed cap and larger infinity mirror ring LED, the new Kraken X allows for adjusting the...
  • BIGGER AND BRIGHTER: 10% bigger infinity mirror cap allows for more vivid RGB and a rotating cap to...
  • BETTER CONTROL: Full CAM integration allows you to manage your Kraken’s performance with precision
  • The LED ring is 10% larger, & the logo is rotatable.
  • CAM interface provides advanced features and fine control
  • It includes RGB fans for silent cooling operation.
  • Tubing that is both durable & simple to install
  • Looking good with poor quality.

2. Cooler Master Cpu Hyper Air Cooler

Cooler Master Cpu Hyper Air Cooler
Brand‎Cooler Master
Item model number‎RR-212S-20PC-R1
Item Weight‎2.06 pounds
Product Dimensions‎6.29 x 3.93 x 9.09 inches


  • Brand- Cooler Master
  • Cooling method- Fan
  • Compatible device- Desktop
  • Noise level- 28 DB
  • Weight-2.06 pounds

The venerable Hyper cooling system has returned, and it’s even nicer than previously. This Hyper RGB 212 Black Edition is among the most excellent air cooling options, with improved installation & efficiency. Hyper RGB 212 Black Edition has a luxury aesthetic charm thanks to its aluminum top cover & nickel-coated glossy black blades. Its sleek glossy black finish not only looks excellent but also improves device efficiency.

It boosts the copper facility’s contact area, whereas the four heat pipes effectively disperse energy dissipation from the CPU.

The piled fin arrangement provides the least amount of airflow restriction, allowing CPU-cooler energy to circulate into the heat source.

Only with the push of a key, the connected RGB LED Transmitter lets you change the colors & effects of your lights.

You’ll never have to worry about your wires getting tangled.

Direct communication technology: This 4 Heat Tube’s exclusive immediate contact innovation effectively dissipates heat. Sound level: 26.0 dB; wind speed: 57.3 CFM

Stacked fin arrangement ensures the least amount of airflow friction, allowing CPU-cooler energy to circulate into the heating element.

RGB LED manager: An RGB LED operator is a wired device that allows you to change the colors & effects of your lights with a single click.


Never concern about the wires getting hooked or equipment being messed up again with the Smart Fan sensing for jam prevention.

Upgrade or remove the fan with ease, thanks to the straightforward fan mounting design.

Cooler Master Cpu Hyper Air Cooler
35,706 Reviews
Cooler Master Cpu Hyper Air Cooler
  • Direct contact technology: 4 Heat Pipe with exclusive direct contact technology effectively provides excellent...
  • Precise air flow: Stacked fin array ensures least airflow resistance which allows cooler air flow into the...
  • RGB LED controller: The wired RGB LED controller allows for customizable colors and effects with just the...
  • Smart Fan sensor for jam protection: Never worry about your cables getting snagged or components being mucked...
  • Technology for Direct Contact
  • Air Flow Precision
  • Controller for RGB LEDs
  • Fan Jam Prevention with Intelligence
  • Snap Fan’s Intuitive Design
  • Mounting is not good
  • Poor customer support.

3. Corsair ICUE Cpu Liquid Cooler

Corsair Icue Cpu Liquid Cooler
Item model number‎CW-9060048-WW
Item Weight‎2.42 pounds
Product Dimensions‎15.63 x 4.71 x 4.71 inches


  • Brand- Corsair
  • Cooling method- water
  • Noise level- 36 DB
  • Weight- 3.42 pounds

The RGB high-performance pumping head with 33 ultra-bright LEDs offers substantial, low-noise chilling for the CPU.

A Corsair commander base smart RGB Illumination & includes Fan Rotation Speed, allowing you to precisely manage the speed & lighting of up to 6 Colour Fans.

With 8 Led Lights per fan, triple 120mm ML RGB Corsair Magnetic Teleportation PWM blades produce tremendous airflow for ultimate CPU chilling performance.

PWM allows you to precisely manage your cooling by setting the fan’s speed from 400 – 2,400 RPM.

At lower temperatures, fan’s speed 0% RPM fan settings in iCUECorsair software enable fans to shut down, avoiding fan noise altogether.


Together with the RGB fans, this ELITE CAPELLIX cooling pump cap holds 33 ultra-bright RGB CAPELLIX LEDs. One’s system would look fantastic & function smoother when you incorporate low-noise solid ventilation.

Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix Liquid CPU Cooler
2,738 Reviews
Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix Liquid CPU Cooler
  • A high-performance RGB pump head provides powerful, low-noise cooling for your CPU, lit by 33 ultra-bright...
  • Includes a Corsair iCUE commander core smart RGB Lighting and Fan speed controller, for precise speed and...
  • Three 120mm Corsair ML RGB Magnetic Levitation PWM fans deliver powerful airflow for extreme CPU cooling...
  • Accurately control your cooling via PWM, adjusting fan speeds from 400 to 2,400 RPM
  • RGB Pumping Head With High Capacity
  • Excellent Plate With Split-flow Copper
  • Change The Appearance Of The System
  • RGB Fans With Magnetic Levitation
  • Mode Of Zero Rpm
  • There Are Three Sizes & Energy Levels To select.
  • Installation is tough.

4. Vetroo Air Cooler Cpu

Vetroo Air Cooler Cpu
Bearing TypeHydraulic
Noise Level30.8 dBA(Max)
Connector4 Pin / 3 Pin
What’s In Box1x CPU Cooler / 1x Backplate / 4x Bracket Screws / Intel and AMD Bracket / 1x Thermal Grease / 1x Installation Manual


  • Brand- VeTroo
  • Compatible devices- gaming console
  • Noise level- 30.8 DB
  • Cooling method- air
  • Material- Aluminium
  • Wattage- 150 watts
  • Rotational speed- 1700 RPM

Thye uses a straight contacting copper bottom to suit the CPU, which improves surface contact & heat conductance.

To highlight the components, it has a fan containing controllable RGB lights.

The 5 Heat Pipe layout provides good temperature distribution for higher DTP CPUs & ensures that they run smoothly.

Simple Basic Design: It made with high-quality whitish acrylic with a precise acrylic rotor blade that effectively reflects light, rendering it lighter & gentler. The aesthetic complements the gaming PC chassis & radiator perfectly.

Five Heatpipes: 5 heat pipes featuring proprietary Direct Contact Technique ensures quick heat transfer & keeps the CPU running smoothly.

Direct Communication Innovation: For the CPU, the straight touching copper foundation is used, which improves contact area & thermal conductivity.

Efficient Condensation: For the optimal thermal response, a 120mm blade spinning around 1,700 RPM is available at all times.


The thermal transfer effectiveness is enhanced during performance thanks to the upgraded 0.4millimeters thick aluminum fins with four copper heating pipes.

Vetroo V5 White CPU Air Cooler w/ 5 Heat Pipes 120mm
3,305 Reviews
Vetroo V5 White CPU Air Cooler w/ 5 Heat Pipes 120mm
  • Simple Overall Design: With high quality and white frame and transparent acrylic fan blade which can...
  • Five Heatpipes: Five heat pipes with exclusive Direct Contact Technology provide fast heat transfer and...
  • Direct Contact Technology: Direct touching copper base is adopted to fit CPU, as well as improving optimal...
  • Efficient Cooling: A 120mm fan at 1,700 RPM is ready anytime for the best thermal solution.
  • Excellent value
  • Good performance
  • The CPU cooler fins bend over time

5. Thermaltake Cpu Cooler

Thermaltake Cpu Cooler


Item model number‎CL-P064-AL12SW-A
Item Weight‎14.4 ounces
Product Dimensions‎4.8 x 4.8 x 2.6 inches


  • Brand- Thermaltake
  • Voltage- 5 V
  • Wattage- 65 watts
  • Cooling method- fan 
  • Noise level- 26.92 DB
  • Compatible device- Desktop

Support for 5V RGB synchronization enabled processors – Customize visuals using 5V RGB compatible motherboards, including ASROCK, Gigabyte, & MSI.

15 high-lumen programmable LEDs featuring 16.8 million colors built-in

Airflow with a massive density of 9 high-flow blades generates a significant amount of air traveling through the aluminum heatsink, ensuring consistent airflow & cooling performance.

Global Intel/AMD Plug – Simple configuration using the all-in-one bottom panel compatible with all Intel & AMD Processor sockets.


Self-lubricated hydraulically bearing with friction-reduced material reduces operation sound & improves thermal efficiency.

Thermaltake Cpu Cooler
2,874 Reviews
Thermaltake Cpu Cooler
  • Support 5V RGB sync enabled motherboards: - Sync with 5V RGB enabled motherboards from as US, ASROCK Gigabyte...
  • Build-in ARGB LED: - 15 High lumen addressable LEDs with 16 8 million colors
  • High volume airflow Design: - 9 High air-flow Blade generate a large volume of air passing through the...
  • Reliable hydraulic Bearing: - self-lubricated Bearing and friction-reduced substance lowers operation noise...
  • Synchronized with RGB software
  • Fantastic lighting
  • The fan makes more noise compared to others.

Final Thoughts :

Essentially, everything is contingent on your requirements as well as the compatibility of other system components.

It’s critical to ensure that such a How To Pick A Cpu Cooler, whether air or water, will fit inside your home. In the vast majority of instances, their height is the most critical factor.

You’ll probably be delighted with liquid cooling when you concentrate on efficiency. The majority of 280 mm chiller designs seem to be more efficient than air coolers. However, it isn’t always the case, as some incredibly powerful CPU coolers perform better. 

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