Top 5 Best Intel 11th Gen Motherboards of 2023 [Best i9-11900k Motherboard]

When it comes to building a fast PC, either for gaming, work, or studying, we all need a system that functions fast. One that does not cause any lag or cause a delay in the workflow. That’s an ideal system. Discover the best Intel 11th-Gen Motherboards of 2023

That is a vital requirement, especially in today’s environment where people work from home and attend school online. You cannot have a laptop that is slow and inefficient. To keep up with your work and studies, you need a PC with maximum efficiency. 

One of the major components of a good PC is a very efficient motherboard. With the number of options available in the market today, it can be challenging to choose a good one among the best Intel 11th-Gen Motherboards of 2023 for your system.

That’s why we’re here to help. We’ve created a list of the top 5 best Intel 11th Gen Motherboard, complete with their details, specifications, pros, and cons.

Best Intel 11th Gen Motherboards

ROG Strix Z590-E Motherboard

Rog Strix Z590 E Motherboard
SeriesDDR4 128GB; INTEL 11 10 GEN;aura sync;RGB lighting
Item model numberROG STRIX Z590-E GAMING WIFI
Item Weight5.24 pounds
Product Dimensions13.5 x 10.75 x 3.03 inches
Item Dimensions LxWxH13.5 x 10.75 x 3.03 inches
ColorROG; ROG gaming;Asus ROG motherboard;ROG Z590
Batteries1 Lithium ion battery required.
Memory Speed5333 MHz

The ROG Strix Z590-E, priced at $374, is a high-performance motherboard tailored for gamers. Key features include:

  1. AI Technology: Enhances noise cancellation, cooling, overclocking, and networking for a smooth gaming experience.
  2. USB Options: Multiple USB slots, including heat-dissipating slots for M2, USB 3.2 Gen, and SATA Type-C.
  3. Compatibility: Works with Intel’s 10th and 11th-generation processors and supports WiFi 6E.
  4. Power Design: Features 14+2 power points with ProCool II adapter and durable alloy capacitors.
  5. Heat Management: Equipped with an aluminum heat sink, heat pipe, and built-in sinks for efficient heat dissipation.
  6. Networking: Supports WiFi 6E, ASUS LANGuard, and 2.5GB Ethernet for seamless online gaming.
  7. High Connectivity: Offers the latest HDMI 2.0, display ports, and additional slots for superior graphics.
  8. User-Friendly Design: Easy setup with FlexKey and BIOS FlashBack.
  9. Customization: RGB lighting and headers for personalization.
  10. Complete Audio: Features Savitech amplifier and DTS Sound Unbound with Sonic Studio III for immersive sound.
  11. Software Suite: Includes UEI BIOS dashboard and MemTest86 for enhanced performance.

Ideal for gamers seeking a robust, customizable, and easy-to-setup motherboard.

ROG Strix Z590-E Motherboard
  • Intel LGA 1200 socket: Designed to unleash the maximum performance of 11th Gen Intel Core processors.Wireless...
  • AI Motherboard : AI Overclocking, AI cooling, AI networking and AI noise cancelation
  • Robust Power Solution: 14plus2 power stages with ProCool II power connector, high-quality alloy chokes and...
  • Optimized Thermal Design: VRM and aluminum I/O heatsink, L-shaped heatpipe, Triple onboard M.2 heatsinks,...
  • Useful equipment and software
  • Suitable for graphics and audio
  • The heat-dissipating sinks never allow the system to overheat
  • Supports the latest WiFi technology
  • Compatible for Intel 10th generation as well
  • Excellent networking and connectivity properties.
  • Allows you to personalize
  • Can be a little expensive for some people
  • More USB slots can be provided

MSI Z590 PRO Motherboard

Msi Z590 Pro Motherboard
Item model numberZ590PWIFI
Item Weight3 pounds
Product Dimensions12 x 9.6 x 2.5 inches
Item Dimensions LxWxH12 x 9.6 x 2.5 inches
ManufacturerMSI COMPUTER
Date First AvailableFebruary 10, 2021

The MSI motherboard, priced at $211, offers an impressive balance of affordability and features, making it a strong contender in the market. Key highlights include:

  1. Processor Compatibility: Designed for Intel’s 11th Generation Core Processor, but also compatible with the 10th Generation.
  2. USB Ports Galore: Includes 1 Type-C port, 1 internal Type-C connector, and multiple Type-A ports (1 on the back panel, 2 additional on the back, and 4 on the motherboard itself), plus USB 2.0 options.
  3. Expansive Memory & Storage: Boasts 4 DDR4 memory slots, supporting up to 128GB, with speeds up to 5333 MHz when used with Intel’s 11th Gen processors.
  4. Enhanced Visuals & Audio: Features HDMI 2.0 for 4K 60Hz visuals, an HDR port, a DisplayPort, and Realtek ALC897 Codec for 7.1-Channel High Definition Audio, offering an immersive experience.
  5. Connectivity: Comes with an integrated wireless unit for WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, certified by FIPS and FISMA.

This motherboard is a great choice for those seeking a feature-rich, yet affordable option, especially for users of Intel’s 10th or 11th Generation Core Processors.

Ports In the Back Panel

  • 1 port for your keyboard and/or mouse
  • 1 port for USB (Version 2.0)
  • 1 port for DisplayPort
  • 1 port for LAN
  • 1 port to connect to audio
  • 1 port for the Flash BIOS Button
  • 1 port for visuals (HDMI port)
  • 1 type–A USB port (Version 3.2 Gen 1.5Gbps)
  • 2 type–C USB ports (Version 3.2 Gen 20Gbps)
  • 1 type–A USB port (Version 3.2 Gen 2 10Gbps)
MSI Z590 PRO WiFi ProSeries Motherboard (ATX, 11th/10th Gen Intel Core, LGA 1200 Socket
  • Supports 11th and 10th Gen Intel Core/Pentium/Celeron processors for LGA 1200 Socket
  • Supports DDR4 Memory, up to 5333(OC) MHz
  • Premium Thermal Solution: Extended Heatsink Design and M.2 Shield Frozr are built for high performance system...
  • Intel Turbo USB 3.2 Gen 2: Powered by Intel USB 3.2 Gen2 controller, Turbo USB ensures an uninterrupted...
  • Affordable model
  • Has extremely good features
  • Easy to setup
  • Compatible with Intel’s 10th generation as well
  • Can heat up pretty easily

ASUS Prime H510M-E Motherboard

Asus Prime H510m E Motherboard
SeriesPRIME H510M-E
Item model numberPRIME H510M-E
Item Weight1.81 pounds
Product Dimensions10.24 x 10.63 x 2.03 inches
Item Dimensions LxWxH10.24 x 10.63 x 2.03 inches
The ASUS Prime series motherboard, designed for students and home office use, also performs well for gaming. Here’s a quick overview of its features:
Processor Compatibility: Supports Intel’s 11th and 10th Gen processors, with an H510 chipset for enhanced performance.
Storage and Memory: Utilizes 2DDR4 dual-channel for up to 64GB of storage, compatible with Intel’s XMP for increased capacity.
Graphics and Audio: Offers 1 DisplayPort 1.4, 1 D-Sub with HDMI, and RealTek 7.1 Surround Sound High Definition audio, supporting 4K at 30Hz resolution with Intel’s 11th Gen processors.
Cooling System: Equipped with 1 CPU and 2 Chassis Fan Headers, all with 4 pins, to maintain optimal temperature.
Power Functions: Includes a 24-pin main power connector and an 8-pin 12V connector.
USB and Storage Ports: Features 1 M.2 slot, 4 SATA 6Gb/s ports, USB 3.2 Gen ports, and additional USB 2.0 ports.
Extra Features: Enhanced safety with DIGI+ VRM, LANGuard, voltage protection, SafeSlot Core, and a steel back for internal protection. Includes ASUS Thermal Protection with M.2 and VRM heat sinks.
Exclusive ASUS Software: Comes with Armoury Crate, AURA Creator and Sync, AI Suite 3, TurboV EVO, Norton Anti-Virus, WinRAR, and DAEMON Tools.
Affordable and versatile, this motherboard is an excellent choice for non-gaming and gaming purposes alike.

And so much more!

ASUS Prime H510M-E Motherboard
  • Intel LGA 1200 socket: Ready for 11th Gen Intel Core processors
  • 5X Protection III: all-round protection with LANGuard, DRAM overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection,...
  • ASUS OptiMem: ASUS OptiMem proprietary trace layout allows memory kits to operate at higher frequencies with...
  • Ultrafast connectivity: PCIe 4.0, 32Gbps M.2 slot, Intel 1 Gb Ethernet and USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A
  • Extremely affordable pricing
  • Comes with a wide range of features
  • Exclusive ASUS features are already preinstalled and ready to use
  • Is compatible with the Intel 10th Generation processor as well
  • BIOS might have to be updated

ROG Maximus XIII Hero 

Rog Maximus Xiii Hero
SeriesDDR4 128GB; INTEL 11 10 GEN;aura sync;RGB lighting
Item model numberROG MAXIMUS XIII HERO
Item Weight6.69 pounds
Product Dimensions14.57 x 12.28 x 4.25 inches
Item Dimensions LxWxH14.57 x 12.28 x 4.25 inches
ColorROG; ROG gaming;Asus ROG motherboard;ROG Z590
Memory Speed5333 MHz
Wireless Type802.11a/b/g/n/ac, 802.11ax


It is yet another motherboard made by Asus, but this model comes under the Hero series. This particular series carries all the elite features but comes at an affordable price of $500. 

It is one of the most innovative motherboards on the market and has a very sleek design. 

Let’s look at some of these elite features that the Hero has to offer us.

Supported Processor

This particular motherboard is designed to function with Intel’s latest 11th Gen processor. It can also support Intel’s 10th Gen processor and Pentium Gold And Celeron Processors. 

The chipset used in this motherboard is Intel Z590.

Memory Slots And Capacity

In total, they have 4 288-pin memory slots. They use the DDR4 program for storage features, and they can store a maximum of 128GB. However, the 11th Gen Intel processor might add some extra storage space to this.

Sound And Visual Features

Coming to visuals, they have 1 HDMI (Version 2.0) feature and 1 DisplayPort (Version 1.4). Keep in mind that these specifications may vary from one CPU type to another. 

For Intel 11th Gen processor, the DisplayPort can support any resolution till 5120 x 2880 at 60Hz. And for HDMI, they support any resolution till 4k at 60Hz.

Other processors will support the Displayport to 4096 x 2304 at 60Hz and HDMI to 4k at 30Hz.

Coming to audio, this motherboard uses the ROG SupremeFX (7.1 Surround Sound High Definition Audio).

Both listening to music and gaming will be a very unique experience with this software.

Backport Options

  • 1 USB (Version 3.2 Gen) 2, 2 port (1 USB Type-C)
  • 3 USB (Version 3.2 Gen) 2 ports (2 Type-A and 1 USB Type-C)
  • 4 USB (Version 3.2 Gen) 1 port (4 Type-A)
  • 2 USB (Version 2.0) ports (2 Type-A)
  • 1 HDMI port
  • 1 DisplayPort
  • 1 Intel WiFi 6E
  • 2 Intel I225-V 2.5GB Ethernet
  • 5 audio jacks
  • 1 Optical S/PDIF out port
  • 1 BIOS FlashBack button

Special Features

  • Extreme Engine Digi+
  • ASUS Q-Design
  • ASUS Thermal Solution with heat-dissipating sinks, backplates, and design
  • AURA Sync

Preinstalled Softwares

  • ROG Exclusive Software
  • ASUS Exclusive Software (Including Armoury Crate, AURA Sync and Creator, and so on)
  • AI Suite 3
  • DIGI+ VRM for security
  • DAEMON Tools
  • MyAsus
  • WinRAR
  • FlexKey
  • MemTest86, and a whole lot more!
ROG Maximus XIII Hero
  • Intel LGA 1200 socket: Designed to unleash the maximum performance of 11th Gen Intel Core processors
  • AI Motherboard : AI overclocking, AI cooling, AI networking and AI noise cancelation
  • Robust Power Solution: 14 plus 2 teamed power stages rated for 90 Amps, ProCool II power connectors, MicroFine...
  • Optimized Thermal Design: Enlarged VRM heatsinks plus integrated aluminum I/O cover, high-conductivity thermal...
  • Packed with a plethora of features and software
  • Extremely good audio and visual software
  • Is compatible with more than one type of processor
  • Most people might find the price to be a little expensive
  • Installing the cooling system can be a little difficult


Asus Tuf B560m Plus
Item model numberTUF GAMING B560M-PLUS WIFI
Item Weight3.16 pounds
Product Dimensions10.83 x 10.83 x 2.66 inches
Item Dimensions LxWxH10.83 x 10.83 x 2.66 inches
Processor128 GB
Memory Speed5000 MHz


Yet another motherboard specially designed for gamers but not necessarily limited to pro gaming purposes. 

It is a very high-speed motherboard that can also be used for people who are working from home or college students completing their assignments!

Just like the other gaming motherboard, this also has a very unique set of features. Let’s take a detailed look at them to understand better.

Processing System

These motherboards are specifically designed to be powered by Intel’s 11th Gen processor. It is the latest model and has a lot to offer for your PC!

Advanced Power Solutions

They have 8+1 different power levels, a PCB of 6 different layers, a ProCool socket, and strong capacitors for uniform and stable power delivery at all times. These power solutions keep your PC/Laptop running for a long time without any lag so you can have an uninterrupted workflow.

Detailed Cooling System

As mentioned earlier, this motherboard has around 4 power solutions to help you stay focused on your work. However, this might start to cause some heat inside the system.

That is normal and it happens quite often. But the heat does need a way to leave the system to keep functioning normally. 

And that’s precisely why this motherboard also has a VRM and PCH heat-dissipating sink, a versatile M.2 heat-dissipating sink, and fan headers. They also offer the software: Fan Xpert 2+, and all these combined will keep your system running even when they are on for a long time. 

Immense Connectivity

Gamers usually don’t play by themselves. They play in groups, and they all stay in communication while doing so. For a smooth communication process, the PC needs to have software like PCIe 4.0, Realtek 2.5GB Ethernet, WiFi 6, rear USB 3.2 Gen 2, and more.

It will keep the conversation and the game going with absolute ease.

Online Gaming Softwares

This motherboard is specially built and designed for gaming purposes. And what good is a gaming motherboard without relevant software?

This model comes with these software programs – Intel WiFi 6, Realtek 2.5 GB Ethernet, TUF LANGuard, and Turbo LAN technology.

These programs help in keeping your gaming session alive and interactive. 

Enhanced Audio Features

The audio of a game is one feature that makes the gaming experience fun. This motherboard helps in reducing any background noise from the mic set and a crisp audio output. And what do you get? Undisturbed voice transmission between you and your teammates. 

Special Features

Along with these fantastic features, it also has additional support features that work well with the motherboard. 

  • Digital power design with DrMOS
  • Enhanced DRAM with over-voltage protection
  • TUF LANGuard
  • ASUS Q-Design
  • ASUS Thermal Solution
  • ASUS Exclusive Software
  • AI Suite 3
  • DTS Custom for GAMING Headsets
  • MyAsus
  • ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3
ASUS TUF Gaming B560M-PLUS WiFi LGA1200 (Intel11th/10th Gen) Micro ATX Gaming Motherboard
  • Intel LGA 1200 socket: Ready for 11th Gen Intel Core processors
  • Enhanced power solution: 8+1 power stages, 6-layer PCB, ProCool socket, and durable capacitors for stable...
  • Comprehensive cooling: VRM heatsink, flexible M.2 heatsink, PCH heatsink, hybrid fan headers and Fan Xpert 2+
  • Next-gen connectivity: PCIe 4.0, Realtek 2.5Gb Ethernet, Intel Wi-Fi 6, rear USB 3.2 Gen 2, front USB 3.2 Gen...
  • A variety of features available
  • Fairly priced
  • A lot of storage space
  • Some people might find the price range to be a bit out of their budget

Final Verdict

And that’s it, folks! The top 5 11th-Gen Motherboards in 2021, complete with their details, specifications, and pros and cons!

There are a lot of options available on the market today. However, before buying make sure you know the reason for the purchase, be it gaming, work, or studies. Once you understand why you can do your research and purchase the one best suited for you!

Well, either that or you could buy one from our list. Enjoy!

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