Where To Buy Intel Core i9-11900K

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Where To Buy Intel Core i9-11900K

Previously, Intel launched 11th Gen processors that are all way down to i7-11700T because the i9-11900K comes with 16 threads and eight cores. You might be looking for a place where you Buy i9-11900k without facing the issue.

Short answer – here.

Intel’s top-of-the-line had a hard time over the last year, first defending itself against the Ryzen 3000 and then the Ryzen 5000 with significant improvements in their performance per cycle because of AMD’s Zen3 architecture.

The Intel Core i9-11900K is finally in a reality, and it is the great competitor of the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, both in terms of performance and price, and Intel needs to get an excellent product to be able to beat an AMD that does not stop evolving.

What’s new in it?

The Intel Core i9 11900K uses eight Sunny Cove cores and a Xe Gen 12 GPU. These changes translate into an IPC improvement of up to 19% at the CPU level compared to Comet Lake-S and up to 50% performance at the GPU level versus the generation used in Gen9.5. As if this were not enough, Intel has tuned the operating frequencies to the maximum and adjusted level through the turbo mode.

The Intel Core i9 11900K maintains the monolithic core design that we have seen in previous generations, which means that all cores and elements of the processor, are integrated into a single chip. So, if you wish to Buy i9-11900k from the UK or the USA, then choose the right retailer first.

The Intel Core i9 11900K uses more advanced architecture at the CPU and integrated GPU level. A higher IPC means that a processor will perform more than another with a lower IPC, although both have the same working frequency and the same number of cores.

Specification of i9-11900k

  1. Cypress Cove architecture in 14 nm +++ process.
  2. Eight cores and sixteen threads at 3.5 GHz-5.3 GHz, regular and turbo mode
  3. Unlocked multiplier (supports overclocking).
  4. GPU Intel UHD Graphics 750 (Xe Gen12).
  5. 125-watt TDP (PL1).
  6. 16MB L3 cache.
  7. Compatible with LGA 1200 socket and H470 and Z490 chipset, and with 500 series

Release Date:

Intel recently launched i9-11900k on March 30, 2021, which was an extensive collaboration of intel. Still, there is confusion about the actual release date because many retailers sell out i9-11900K about 3 to 4 weeks before its official launching date. So, if you want to buy i9-11900K, contact the nearest retailer.

139 Reviews
  • Compatible with Intel 500 series & select Intel 400 series chipset based motherboards
  • Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 Support
  • Intel Optane Memory Support
  • PCIe Gen 4.0 Support

Intel i9-11900k Performance:

Ryzen 5000 vs intel 11th gen performance

Today, many have been hoping that a new battle will unfold in the desktop processor market. After all, Intel lost the past-release AMD Ryzen and built on the Zen 3 microarchitecture and beat all the trump cards of the Core processors.

The main differences between the new and the previous model were apparent and were mainly in the improvements of performance per cycle (IPC) and the connective capacity. The changes between generations are also the same, with more PCI Express lanes, faster, more capable, and modern graphics.

Intel i9-11900k even have similar operating frequencies and the same turbo features available that include Intel’s Turbo Boost 3.0 technology in addition to TVB (Thermal Velocity Boost) technology that makes both models have a maximum turbo speed for a few cores, up to 5.3GHz.

How is it better than the previous ones?

The Intel Core i9 11900K can peak at almost 5.3 GHz with a single active core. This explains the victory over the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X in CPU-Z and Cinebench R23 in single-threaded performance. However, as more cores and threads are brought into operation, their frequency is gradually reduced until it is in the following bands:

  1. One active core: up to 5.3 GHz.
  2. Four cores and eight threads: up to 5.1 GHz.
  3. Six cores and twelve threads: up to 5.05 GHz.
  4. Eight cores and sixteen threads: up to 4.76 GHz.

The i9-11900K price in market:

The suggested retail price of Intel core i9-11900K is $539 that is about $710, and £390. This intel chip is the competitor of the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X and comes with incredible features. However, due to high demand, the real price is about $900.

Where to Buy Intel Core i9-11900(K) – US?

If you are interested to buy i9-11900K in the US, then the links of all the retailers are described below. Keep in mind, the level of stock can fluctuate from lower to normal means there is a probability to get earlier if you need a secure Rocket Lake CPU.

A user can easily buy i9-11900K from Amazon US Best Buy and Newegg, also able to acknowledge its feature, price, and qualities. Through customer reviews, it’s easy to assume the i9-11900K is working.

Where to Buy Intel Core i9-11900K – UK?

Still, UK retailers are not open up to sell the new intel 11900K, but users who live in the UK can buy i9-11900K from the given platform:

  • Amazon UK
  • Novatech
  • Scan
  • Overclockers
  • Currys PC World

Where to Buy Intel Core i9-11900K –Canada?

If you live in Canada or want to buy i9-11900K, then don’t rely on retailers because the best source ensures a guarantee about the product. The following are the place where you get i9-11900(K):

Wrapping up:

Intel core i9 11900K provide high performance, and in specific tests, this processor manages to prevail over the Ryzen 7 5800X. In synthetic performance, the thing is more disputed, but in games, the Ryzen performs is better. It is a state-of-the-art chip that offers high performance and creates value beyond gaming and classic benchmarks, but it is limited by the 14nm process, which can no longer give more of itself, and it comes at a price.

Intel was able to increase performance in their previous generation processors. The eight-core Rocket Lake, Core i9-11900K, was comparable to the ten-core Core i9-10900K in resource-intensive applications. Finally, the Core i9-11900K is a processor that requires some extraordinary approaches to cooling. So if you want to buy i9-11900K, then Amazon is the best place for easy access to all retailers.

139 Reviews
  • Compatible with Intel 500 series & select Intel 400 series chipset based motherboards
  • Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 Support
  • Intel Optane Memory Support
  • PCIe Gen 4.0 Support
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