About Us

Before coming to the main point, take a warm welcome from us. We thank you for putting interest in our company, and we are looking forward to seeing you coming back to our site.

Who we are?

We are technoburst.com team. From our website posts, you may already know what our expertise is. Founded in 2019, technoburst.com is designed exclusively for you (PC Builder), helping you get the most out of your next PC Build.

What do we provide and how can you support us?

We provide product reviews, builds, benchmarks, and guides about the latest PC Components & Peripherals. We are a team of hardware experts, and our goal is to provide you only accurate information and help you accomplish your PC build project/s.

One thing you should know is we do not own or manufacture any products. All products you’ve seen on our website are from our retailer partners like Amazon.com. If you find our content articles useful, the best way to support us is through our product links. This won’t add any extra cost, but we will get a little commission if you ended up buying, which will help us raise our funds to continue producing more content and pay our technical cost.


TheTechnoBurst.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Additionally, TheTechnoBurst.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links.

Meet the Team:



Tommy Bonas is a professional writer both for product listings and reviews, as well as screenwriting for documentaries and fiction-films.



Evan Federowicz is a very driven and dedicated person, who is very PC hardware / software orientated and as such gaming kind of came naturally to me.


Web Developer

Jayce Cabangcala is a Senior Full Stack Developer. Developing of concepts and ideas based on detailed specification of requests that he receive.

Jan Hajek


thetechnoburst.com, which is now rebranded to technoburst.com, is formerly owned by Justin Canlas Gueverra.

Jan Hajek is the new founder of technoburst.com. He is a digital marketer and a PC Builder/Gamer. Jan Hajek is the one who takes care of the technical and marketing part of the website, from research and content planning to social media marketing and promotion.

Are you interested in joining the team?

We are looking for aspiring writers who has a passion in PC building. Ideal candidate should be actively participating in PC builder forums or groups, and able to provide useful advice to fellow PC Builders. If you are interested, please Contact us today! Don’t forget to link back to the articles you’ve done in the past to make it easier for us to fact-check.

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