5 Hidden Reasons Your Internet Is So Slow

Reason your internet is slow:  If pain, agony, and perpetual boredom can be summed together, it can be a synonym for slow internet. It is one of the biggest problems for our current generation. Most of us visit our parents only to be shoved near the routers and asked to fix them. The older generation expects us to know about technology in-depth and fix things for them.

However, most of us are not aware of simple issues that can cause the internet to slow down. From the plan, you have subscribed to the infrastructure and mode of connection you use for connecting your device, almost everything plays a very important role in slowing down your internet. Although you can learn about the issues and the way to fix them, it is safe to say that not every issue can be fixed.

However to know if the issue is fixable you first need to understand the problem. While fixing your internet issue, keep in mind that there is no magic formula to instantly boost your internet speed. You have to focus on multiple factors and then choose the factor that might be impacting the speed. The process might be a little lengthy but it will help you get to the root cause and resolve it. For the internet speed, there are multiple contributors like the modem, router, DNS server, signal issue, or just connection issue.

With the help of this article, we will specifically help beginners with some basic remedies that can help you boost your internet speed. However, if the internet issues are not related to signals or hardware, it is better to contact the internet service provider. Moreover, you can always switch to a better internet service provider like Optimum Internet. With Optimum, you will get affordable rates, blazing-fast speed, and full home Wi-Fi signal coverage that will offer you impeccable connectivity.

How to Start the Diagnosing Process?

Before you resolve the issues, you have to know about the possible issues. To kick-start the process, you need to connect your device to the internet and reboot it. This will help in clearing up the cache and closing all the software running in the background. Then you can go to any third-party online speed test and run it.

Generally, a good speed is considered somewhere between 25 and 100 Mbps. However, the plan you have described and the internet usage plays a very important role. Keep in mind that although 25 to 100 Mbps is a good range sometimes you might need more. For running a small business or just working as a professional IT developer, you might even need a little bit better speed.

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5 Hidden Reasons Your Internet Is So Slow

Although there are so many reasons that can cause your internet to slow down. However, we have listed the five most common issues that can affect speed.

Too Many Devices Connected

Usually, internet plans have a good speed but they do not support simultaneous device connectivity. When you connect multiple devices, this distributes the bandwidth of the internet causing slow speed. A better way to complete your urgent tasks is to disconnect the internet from other devices. However, if things do not work, you can always get a family internet plan that can support multiple devices simultaneously while slowing down.

Your Plan Is Slow

Most internet service providers offer multiple internet bundles. These bundles include bandwidth along with device support and speed. Based on these factors ISP places a price tag on these bundles. The cheapest bundle generally has a very slow speed and it is designed for individual use. However, as you increase the speed and move to a family bundle, the price increases. If the speed issue is constant, it is always better to upgrade your internet bundle.

You Are Connected Via Wi-Fi

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Most internet connections offer Wi-Fi and when you have devices like a tablet, smartphone, or just iPad, Wi-Fi becomes an essential feature. However, you will get the best speed via Ethernet only. If it is possible switch to Ethernet and you will get a good internet speed. However, for mobile phones and other wireless devices, you can always use a signal booster or signal extender.

You Are Far Away From the Router

Before installing an internet connection, the technical department usually maps out things and then installs the router based on the walls and area of the house. However, some ISPs do not have the technical knowledge and they install the router wherever they can find a plug. This can cause the internet to slow down when you are away from the router. You can either use a signal extender or just switch the place of your internet router.

There Are More Software Running

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While using your phone or computer make sure that there are only opening essential tabs or that there is no application running in the background. If you are not sure, just close and refresh things. For a phone, rebooting is always a good option. This will help you resolve connectivity and speed issues because reboot generally clears up the cache.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, multiple factors can contribute to the speed of your internet. However, if nothing works, it is always a good idea to contact the customer service of the ISP you have subscribed to. Generally, customer service has a good idea about the problem and they can offer you an appropriate solution as well.

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