6 Best Silent PC Cases in 2023

The best silent PC case is the most demanding product because of its high silence feature. To build your PC, prefer to choose a silenced case for your PC. The best silent PC case has high demand because of ultimate silence features that seem perfect, especially for gaming computers or workstations; they need good cooling to function correctly. Suppose you intend to build a new pc or refurbish your old tower, buying a quiet PC case that is valuable equipment for your PC.

Give your components a natural home with the best silent PC case. These cases are more than just showcasing all that incredible RGB lighting and tremendous power inside. Usually, quiet PC cases are designed to protect your internal components from dust and dirt, provide adequate ventilation, and keep them in top condition. There is another less familiar classification, which is called “tower”:

  • Micro-Tower;
  • Mini-Tower;
  • Middle-Tower;
  • Full-Tower.

The Best Silent PC

Micro-Tower is compact machines, Mini-Tower is enough for an office, a Middle-Tower is for a gaming PC, and Full-Tower is for computer enthusiasts who assemble super-productive configurations with several video cards or even processors.

Best Silent PC Case: Our Recommendation List

If you are not going to put the case on the table, then it is better not to waste time on trifles with dimensions. A significant case will fit a gaming graphics card, and an extensive cooling system for the processor, and there will be enough room for airflow. The most annoying thing in a pc is the possible vibrations and resonances that may occur, and these are much more likely in cheaper chassis and fragile panels. So here we will tell you which are the best silent pc cases in the current market, but they have different price ranges.

Are you tired of hearing your computer tower making noise? Whether for your comfort or to avoid disturbing others, turning to desktop PCs with silent cases is a must. Whether you are a gamer or using a PC for personal use, buying a quiet PC case will make your life easier and give you the peace of mind you crave.

Comparison of the 6 best silent PC cases

We know that it is challenging to choose the best silent PC cases among the hundreds of PC cases available on the market; that’s why we have gathered in this comparison the quietest cases that you can find. Here are the listed top silent PC cases that need to be bought; our list contains exciting and creative solutions.

1. Nanoxia Deep Silence 4

Nanoxia Deep Silence 4

The first Nanoxia Deep Silence case arrived back in 2012 but had a minimalist design with a functional interior. Finally, company Nanoxia announced the launch of retail sales of Mini-Tower housing Deep Silence 4. The model is available in three color options – black, dark gray, and white.

Based on the new case from Nanoxia, you can build a reasonably productive system with two top-end video cards and a powerful processor cooled by a liquid cooling system with a 120 mm radiator.

 Deep Silence 4 is designed to accommodate a microATX or Mini-ITX motherboard, four PCI-E expansion cards, an ATX power supply, six 2.5 “/ 3.5” drives, and two optical drives. Two 120mm fans are included in this case. Nanoxia is not well known, but it is a company based in Germany that makes excellent products, a bit like all the technical stuff of the Germans.

The front of the case is covered with two doors, and a movable flap is installed on top that allows you to open or close the ventilation. It supports all three types of motherboards (Micro ATX, ATX, and Mini-ITX).


GPU13.5″ / 345mm
Dimensions200 x 380 x 480 mm (W x W x D)
Weight7.8 kg
Motherboard Form factorMicro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Fans:1x 120 mm (front, pre-installed), 1x 120 mm (rear, pre-installed), 1x 120/140 mm (top, optional)
  • Best silent pc case
  • Quite stylish
  • Very reliable brand
  • A little expensive
  • A little small if you need a lot of space
Nanoxia Deep silence 4
88 Reviews
Nanoxia Deep silence 4
  • A mini tower for compact and silent performance systems, with modular drive cages and space for full size...
  • Silent PC case with thicker than normal metalwork, dense sound dampening materials, rubber vibration...
  • Space for full size GPU (with 2 of 3 HDD cages can be removed for installation of the largest and most...
  • Fits full length power supply, graphics card 265 mm (395 mm with middle HDD cage removed), and CPU cooler 160...


When it comes to free space, Deep Silence 4 can store eight disks in total. In addition, the front panel has three USB ports. As for the silence, Nanoxia says their goal was to have a silent case and keep the temperatures as low as possible. They did a pretty good job at this level because the Deep Silence 4 is made of sound-absorbing materials, with hard drives placed through rubber suspensions that reduce noise and vibrations.

Overall, this edition is perfect compared to the previous one because of its power supply installed on soft rubber stands and then screwed to the back panel.

2. Be quiet! Silent Base 801

Be Quiet Silent Base 801

The Be Quiet! Silent Base 801 is a mid-tower case that has excellent ergonomics to install any configuration. It has a modern design with superb orange lines, and its side window in tempered glass gives an original look while remaining sober. Ultra-efficient noise-canceling panels have been fitted into the housing and an insulating coating on the front, top, and back. Regarding the fans, 3 Pure Wings 2 140 mm with two dust filters are installed.

Externally, be quiet! Silent Base 801 has undergone minor changes compared to its predecessor. However, the case is still primarily black, with small colored inserts on the front panel.


Front fans140 × 140 × 25 mm, 2 pcs.
Dimensions552,7 × 281,8 × 539
Front panel:
3 × 120 mm or 3 × 140 mm;
Top panel:
3 × 120 mm or 3 × 140 mm;
Back panel:
1 × 120 mm or 1 × 140 mm;  
Be quiet! Silent Base 801
  • Product for demanding players
  • Irreproachable manufacturing quality
  • Exceptional immersion
  • Very effective sound insulation
  • Many equipments included
  • Perfect for a completely silent machine
  • Simplified cable management
  • High price
  • The upper ventilation is relatively weak
  • Clearance between the front dust filter and the wall creates vibrations


Be quiet! Silent Base 801 is another masterpiece by German engineers. The chassis is straightforward to assemble for complex liquid-cooled systems and has extensive interior space modifications to accommodate even the most massive components. But quite a few cases have excellent sound insulation of such a high level.

 Another distinctive feature can be considered a strict design, which will appeal to many users who do not digest the modern fashion for RGB backlighting.

3. NZXT H510

Nzxt H510

The NZXT H510 is an aesthetic case that will appeal to you if you want a quiet and affordable case with a tempered glass pane to admire your setup. In addition, two LED strips are provided in the kit for a position where you want to give a unique touch to your configuration. Thanks to patented cable management preinstalled by NZXT, you will be able to wire your components easily and intuitively. Two 120mm fans are included rear and top but are replaceable with 140mm fans. You can also install a cooling water assembly to make your box quieter.

 However, the NZXT H510 also has a USB-C connector on the front to connect your latest-generation devices. At the same time, the NZXT H510 does not have the standard capabilities for adjusting the speeds of the built-in fans, and there are no adapters with pull-down resistors in the kit so the case can be noticeably noisy in operation. 


Dimensions460 × 210 × 428
Motherboard compatibility6,7 × 6,7” (Mini ITX), 9,6 × 9,6” (Micro ATX), 12 × 9,6” (ATX)
Front panel: 2 × 120 mm or 2 × 140 mm;
top panel: 1 × 120 mm or 1 × 140 mm;
back panel: 1 × 120 mm;  
29,916 Reviews
  • New features: Front I/O USB Type-C Port and Tempered glass side panel with single screw installation
  • Enhanced cable management: Our patented cable routing kit with pre-installed channels and straps makes wiring...
  • STREAMLINED COOLING: 2 Aer F120mm fans included for optimal internal airflow and the front panel and PSU...
  • Motherboard support: Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX
  • Good value for money
  • Very simplified assembly
  • Removable fixing systems for fan/radiator
  • Stunning design
  • Different color choices for LEDs
  • High Price
  • The upper ventilation is relatively weak (6 small slots only)
  • configurations requiring a lot of space


In our opinion, the NZXT H510 primarily attracts attention with its laconic form and simplicity of design, coupled with three color schemes. This is an elegant and compact case in which you can build a reasonably powerful system suitable for most user tasks. The tempered glass side panel makes the entire interior visually open. Competently organized cable management will eliminate unnecessary cables in the working area and optimize airflow movement. You can even install it in an LSS case with a 280mm radiator or place two other fans in front. It will also include high-processor coolers, long video cards, and power supplies.

 Finally, if you want to build a high-performance system in this case and overclock it, we recommend installing two additional fans or an LSS radiator with them on the front panel to provide hot components with a more suitable temperature regime.

4. Corsaire Carbide 100R

Corsaire Carbide 100r

The Corsair Carbide Series has inexpensive cases. As a rule, a lower number means a lower price. A new box for limited budgets ultimately means that the 100R Silent Edition will not appeal to fashion victims, but on the other hand, you will undoubtedly be served for lovers of silence. As a reminder, it is not very expensive. The brand has chosen to put soundproofing materials on the side panels.

Unfortunately, this is the point that has been the most careful to the detriment of the design. In addition, despite its low cost, Corsair still managed to include 2 120mm fans. This Carbide 100R is relatively average but will be quite heavy, so forget about any vibration; you will undoubtedly manage to ignore its presence.


Drive bays
2x 5.25 “(external), 4x 2.5 / 3.5” (internal)  
Dimensions200 x 430 x 471 mm (W x W x D)
Form factorATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
2x 120/140 mm (front, 1x 120 mm pre-installed), 1x 120 mm (rear, pre-installed)  
Corsaire Carbide 100R
  • Elegant, modern design: with flush-mounted side panel window
  • Dual USB 3.0 front panel ports
  • SSD support: all four hard drive trays provide solid state drive support
  • Tool-free 3.5 inch and 5.25 inch drive installation
  • A very advantageous price
  • A very sober design
  • Relatively heavy, so no vibrations to be expected
  • Will not appeal to fashion victim
  • Not a high-end tower


The Corsair Carbide Series 275Q is well suited for assembling an office or work computer. In addition to its sound design, it is relatively well protected from dust penetration, and it takes a minimum of time to clean the filters. For this use case, the only drawback that can be considered is the placement of the power supply unit from below.

Corsair Carbide case may also be in demand for typical home systems due to its design and its good equipment: two fans and a controller are already included in the package. Nevertheless, the model is quite interesting precisely because of its minimalism in design at an unclouded price.

5. Cooler Master Silencio S400

Cooler Master Silencio S400

The Cooler Master Silencio line of quiet cases with built-in noise isolation has not received an updated model in its range for more than five years. Meanwhile, leadership in this segment has been tightly secured by Fractal Design, be quiet! Corsair and Phanteks. It is only now that Cooler Master has entered the battle for the hearts and budgets of silent computer hardware enthusiasts again with the release of the Silencio S600 and its smaller version, the S400.

 This model is available in two versions: two completely steel walls and a glass wall on the left side, which covers about two-thirds of the body’s height. It is unfortunately relatively small as its dimensions are 45.2 x 19.8 x 37.8 cm.

Cooler Master Silencio S400 looks pretty decent and functional at its stated price. It can compete with alternative offerings from Fractal Design and NZXT. The exterior of the Cooler Master Silencio S600 turned out to be too strict in places – it is a flat parallelepiped without the slightest hint of rounded corners. The front panel is a metal door with a barely visible company logo in the center. It opens to the right by default and is held by magnets, but the hinges can quickly move to the left.


Dimensions,471 (H) x 209 (W) x 478 (D)
Form factorATX, MicroATX, Mini-ITX
Fansfront – 2 x 120/140 mm (one 120 mm installed) upper – 2 x 120/140 mm (optional) rear – 1 x 120 mm (installed)
Cooler Master Silencio S400
  • Sound dampening material – sound dampening material for optimal noise reduction (front, both side panels and...
  • Removable sound dampening cover – The top cover panel can be removed to increased ventilation when need
  • Reversible, steel front door – a reversible mounting system allows the door to open from either side of the...
  • Silence fans – silence FP 120mm PWM (8001400 RPM) fans for a whisper-quiet performance and rubber padding to...
  • Very heavy, forget about vibrations
  • Excellent silence
  • Many benefits and fairly complete case
  • It only supports two types of motherboard
  • Too small
  • Will not appeal to fashion victims


The Cooler Master Silencio S600 is a solid and solid chassis with no significant drawbacks. It has a strict appearance, a well-thought-out front door, and a beautiful side window (in one model variant). Oldfugs will love the heavyweight of the case and the space for a 5.25 ″ drive, but the paired 3.5mm audio jack may be puzzling and, there is a built-in card reader.

In terms of internal structure, everything is perfect. A large cooler, an SVO long video card, and a lot of 2.5 and 3.5 drives, and there is where to hide the wires. The most important thing is that the case did not disappoint in terms of cooling. The ventilation pattern is quite good and improved by adding additional propellers and opening the front and top panels.

6. Cooler Master MasterCase H500 ARGB

Cooler Master Mastercase H500 Argb

Cooler Master Mastercase H500 has the most minimalistic design of all H Series cases. It supports the ATX form factor, has two fans, and has no extra bells and whistles. On top of all this, its price is ideal for its segment, making it an excellent choice that does not require significant investments.

Undoubtedly the most original of our selection, the Cooler Master MasterCase H500 ARGB is an aesthetic mix between a speaker and nightclub projectors, perfect for giving a unique atmosphere to your setup!

 However, there is still a silent case with a tempered glass panel on the left side and two large 200mm front fans with ARGB LED lighting included with a controller. Compatible with many configurations, it contains an HDD cage of 2 2.5 ” / 3.5 ” and 6 2.5 ” slots. It also has three anti-dust filters: a large one at the front, a smaller one below the wide one at the front, and one under the housing.

The Cooler Master MasterCase H500 case is a midi tower with a bottom power supply, designed to install ATX / microATX / Mini-ITX motherboards, and has seven slots for expansion cards. In the inner volume of the case, a plastic L-shaped partition separates the compartment for the power supply. Unlike the H500P, this baffle does not occupy the entire length from front to back but is slightly more than half of the back.

Cooler Master H500P dimensions – 225 (W) × 502 (H) × 525 (D) mm, including protruding elements. The decrease in size affected, but the thickness of the steel elements is also smaller for the H500: 0.75-0.85 mm and for the H500P – 0.8-0.9 mm. Due to the smaller dimensions, this did not affect the rigidity of the structure, except for the top panel.


TypeMid-tower top fan2x 120 mm or 2x 140 mm or 1x 200 mmDimensions525 x 228 x 502 mmCompatibilityCPU cooler height: 167 mm Graphics card length: 410 mm PSU length: 180 mmWeight9.22kg
Cooler Master MasterCase H500 ARGB
  • Mesh and transparent front panel – Both the mesh and transparent front panel are included for maximized...
  • Dual 200 millimeter ARGB fans – The iconic, addressable RGB fans are the core of the H-series in design and...
  • ARGB lighting system – The pre-installed ARGB fans can be managed by either the motherboard or an included...
  • Tempered glass side panel – Gaming hardware, custom-loop cooling, and the pure pride of the builder is shown...
  • The two large front fans
  • A design that does not go unnoticed
  • Magnetic filter panels against dust to avoid disturbing the airflow
  • A style that won’t appeal to everyone
  • Quite a high price


If we compare the Cooler Master MasterCase H500 and H500P models, it becomes clear: the first is a cheaper version of the second, and the price reduction was mainly due to a more modest design. The dimensions of the H500 are smaller, which affected the range of sizes of motherboards installed.

The equipment is also slightly more modest: a different mount for a 2.5-inch SSD / HDD, a smaller rear fan, and some missing internal elements. But in the kit, there is a replaceable front panel: the mesh will provide a better air supply with front fans, and if this is not urgently needed, then you can install translucent acrylic, which will make the computer look unusual.  Finally, let’s remember that the H500 has a stock backlight controller, which the H500P does not have. True, today, almost most motherboards are equipped with such controllers.

Which Fan to Choose for A Quiet PC?

To determine which fan is the most suitable and the most discreet, you have to look at its noise ratio in decibels (dB) divided by rotation speed. However, this is sometimes not enough. In the best case, it is necessary to know a unit weighted at the human frequency: the dB (A), more accurate for our ears.

In addition, knowing the speed and flow of PC case cooling capacity allows you to know which fan is most likely to be efficient. However, the faster the fan turns, the more noise it generates. Therefore, the most efficient and discreet has a low rotation speed with a high flow rate. Remember, the purpose of a fan is to cool components. There are three different fan sizes:

  • Small (60mm – 92mm): used on processors and graphics cards
  • 120 mm standard is the most common among best silence PC cases, especially in the mid-range.
  • The largest (140 mm – 200 mm) where 140 mm is present on significant cases or high-end cases. They are handy for a front fan.


It does not matter if it is an office computer, a compact computer for study, or a team of maximum performance to face everything surrounding the gaming world. For each case, you must know how to choose the computer case that best suits you.

 If you intend to build a new PC or refurbish your old tower, buying the best silent PC case might be something that brings satisfaction. It is crucial to have good air circulation in your PC case to cool your components, and it is always better if it is done in silence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a silent PC case?

A silent PC case is ideal if you want to reduce the noise level of your computer. These cases are designed to reduce noise by using sound-dampening materials, acoustic foam, and other noise-reducing features.

How do silent PC cases work?

Silent PC cases work by using sound-dampening materials and acoustic foam to absorb noise generated by PC components. Additionally, silent PC cases may also use larger fans, thicker metal panels, and other noise-reducing features to help reduce noise levels.

How do I know if a silent PC case is the right choice for me?

If you’re looking to reduce the noise level of your computer, a silent PC case may be a good choice for you. These cases are ideal for those who work in a quiet environment or for those who prefer a quieter computing experience.

What are the benefits of using a silent PC case?

The benefits of using a silent PC case include reduced noise levels, better airflow, improved heat dissipation, and a more pleasant computing experience overall. Additionally, a silent PC case can help improve the lifespan of your PC components by reducing the amount of heat and noise they generate.

How much should I expect to spend on a silent PC case?

The price of a silent PC case can vary widely depending on the brand, the features, and the materials used. You can expect to spend anywhere from $50 to $300 for a good-quality silent PC case.

Are there any drawbacks to using a silent PC case?

The primary drawback of using a silent PC case is the potential for reduced airflow and heat dissipation. Silent PC cases are designed to be more enclosed, which can lead to higher temperatures if not properly ventilated. Additionally, some silent PC cases may be more difficult to install due to their size and design.

Are silent PC cases more difficult to install?

Some silent PC cases may be more difficult to install due to their size and design. However, most silent PC cases are designed with easy installation in mind, and many include removable panels, tool-free installation, and other user-friendly features.

Can I use liquid cooling with a silent PC case?

Yes, you can use liquid cooling with a silent PC case. Many modern silent PC cases are designed to be compatible with liquid cooling systems and include built-in mounting points for radiators and pumps.

Can a silent PC case also be aesthetically pleasing?

Yes, many silent PC cases are designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Some include LED lighting, tempered glass panels, and other features that enhance the look of your PC while reducing noise.

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